Film Festival :Programming

Just like in the workshop said programming stands at the core of every film festival and a festival without films is not a film festival. Programming decides on the festival of the film festival.

The theme features make the festival’s content no longer vague, with clear direction and meaning, so that movie dealers can combine the characteristics of the festival and their own advantages to decide whether to participate. For example, the Venice Film Festival is the world’s first international film festival, with emphasis on art and avant-garde films. The purpose of the Venice Film Festival is “the film’s slightly serious art service”, and different slogans are presented every year. It focuses on film experimenters from all over the world and encourages them to make films with novel forms and unique techniques. Even if there are flaws, they can be accepted by the film festival if they are innovative, and become the cradle of many world movie masters.

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The Cannes Film Festival has the largest market in Europe, with a focus on the combination of business and art. The Berlin Film Festival is most concerned with politics. And social, the theme of each other between the major film festivals is very obvious.

It is not difficult to think of the Cold War environment at the time when the Berlin Film Festival was founded and its location. As a product of the Cold War era, the proportion of political factors and ideological factors at the beginning of the Berlin Film Festival was relatively large. Today, the Berlin Film Festival is gradually weakening its political attributes and letting art return. But now, in the three major international film festivals in Europe, Berlin is also a relatively weak film festival.

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Location is also an important factor in the film festival’s stimulating and circuit, especially for the audience, businesses, and the media. Generally speaking, the location of the film festival will be chosen in tourist destinations or cities with commercial value. The local economic development determines the influence of the film festival, and the influential film festival will drive the regional economic income. In 1932, the first international film festival was held in Venice, which made Venice a small tourist city in Europe become to one of the most famous holiday centers in the world. For decades, the film festival has kept Venice on the public level, and the unique scenery of the “water city” has made the characteristics of the Venice Film Festival more obvious. This win-win result is reflected in many film festivals.  The cultural attributes of the city itself and the inclusiveness of culture are also the main reasons why a film festival can maintain its vitality. If a film festival is located in a city with a small market and a relatively single culture, the film merchants will not come here. Opportunities for cooperation with other institutions. The Venice Film Festival itself is part of the Venice Biennale. Because of this blood relationship, the artistic attributes of Venice are more prominent in the three major European film festivals.

written by Qian Wang



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