Beijing College Student Film Festival and The Film “Youth”

Beijing College Student Film Festival (BCSFF) is established by Beijing Normal University and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio. It was first held in 1993, through the long period of constant development, it has become one of the most authentic and popular film festivals in China. BCSFF provides a public platform for the young generation in China to focus on the development of the film industry and develop more innovative insights and perspectives for the society. In this year, the 25th BCSFF has successfully held and engaged more than 1,000 participants and professionals from Universities, the media and film industry viewed 34 domestic films, including Youth, Operation Red Sea, Monster Hunt 2 and Legend of the Demon Cat.youth3

After viewing some of the films which have won different film awards in BCSFF, the film “Youth” is the best film which has changed my value of youth and life. The film uses first-person narrative method tells a story about the lives of members of a Military Cultural Troupe in the 1970s. Xiaoping is the new girl in the troupe who determined to start her new life after a tough childhood. But her colleges and roommates despised and even isolated her because she is from the countryside. Under this context, Xiaoping’s could just rely on her sole defender Liu Feng, who was a warm and kind young man and very popular in the troupe. Liu Feng possessed with such superhuman goodness that he chivalrously lances the puss from one dancer’s blisters. The latter half of the film takes in political upheaval, idealism lost and China’s bloody war with Vietnam, the director Fong uses the warm tone and cool tone to compare the precious youth, easy life and the crucial war.

The film has used the direct way to present the beauty of the youth. Every individual has a diverse life, but we both have the youth. It is significant for us to realise the youth is precious and exist in a short time. Although the process has many difficulties and traps, if we can stick to following our hearts and pursue the dreams, we can eventually overcome every tough difficulty and obtain the success. In these years, a number of film companies and film producers have gained vast investment to make commercial films to gain economic revenues and reputation but ignore the responsibility to the audience and society. The success of “Youth” is not the desirable pictures and professional approaches, the film is a unique bond which brings the audiences especially the people who have the similar experience to recall their time of youth. We need this kind of film to encourage the young people in China to pursue their dreams bravely, also, for the elder, the film is an excellent present for them to commemorate their precious youth.

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