Analysis of the current situation of Chinese film (2)

The lack of film criticism theory

Compared with the trend of Chinese film development, Chinese film criticism and film evaluation lag far behind the world. Since the birth of the film, the West has always been the film theoretical origin place, resulting in a large number of film theorists who influence the world’s movies, such as Eisenstein’s montage theory, Andre Bazin’s film documentary theory and so on. The Chinese film criticism theory has been very different from the West since the film was born.

Nowadays, although Chinese films have been greatly developed under the impetus of film technology and in a series of reform measures, the lack of Chinese film reviews and criticisms is still a dilemma we have to face. Comparing to Hollywood, we will find the differences. Hollywood film reviews have existed for more than a hundred years and have become an important part of American film research.

The film reviews accompanying film development have given birth to film art theory and film criticism theory, and have gradually matured and has also become a major support for the continued development of the film. However, Chinese film criticism has stopped developing in the development of the modern film. Compared with the current huge number of film and television works, our film criticism has little impact compared to the film and television culture and cultural consumer groups all over the society. There are few movie review articles on the Internet that rarely have real reflective value.

A true film critic requires more cultural imagination and a variety of cultural knowledge, rather than simply saying that the film is good or bad. We need professionals to use knowledge to make a function, rather than casually expressing opinions. The situation of Internet commentary is also not optimistic. We need film reviews to be professional and academic, not to be moody. We should let our scholars play a role in rebuilding the Chinese film censorship system and let them influence the appreciation of the general public and promote the true development of Chinese films.


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