The social meaning of the Cannes film festival

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As we explore more about the film festival, we found that Cannes film festival is held every year in May which is a warm season. It will last for 12 days and select several films to show on the screen. At the same time, the stars and directors of these films that involved in these films will be invited to walk the red carpet. And some stars and directors are not invited still participate in this activity and appeal to the attention of journalists. The female stars wear the beautiful dresses and want to pretend themselves to be the most eye-catching person. Some stars even walk 6 to 9 minutes in the red carpet which causes the hot issue in this year’s Cannes Film Festival. However, if this approach can obtain more attention of people to the movies the stars played? As an audience, it cannot increase the attraction of their works but increased their own visibility. It is a kind of social skills. Besides, after the imagination of the function of walking the red carpet, can I guess the social significance of the Cannes Film Festival seems to be bigger than the practicality?
Meanwhile, more than 4000 journalists and some observers watch every film on time, they look at each piece with tired or harsh eyes. Sometimes the theatre will play some non-native films that the filmmakers cannot understand. In addition, some films which are founded in the film festival maybe we never hear about it. So maybe there is no film suit for the release for the filmmaker. What are they come for? From my perspective, it is a big and high-level business party. If people are invited to this event, it means that they have the higher frame and the status. In this two weeks, there are many parties that are held in this small town. The place for the party are not the same, someone will hold it in the restaurant and hotel, some people even use tents what looks like the palace or rent the luxury boat. In addition, the purpose of these parties is also different. Some writers look around want to promote their creativity. Some directors want to persuade the famous star to play their work no matter how many times they can take part in the film. Someone want to look forward to the support of the famous brand with the money or the frame. The stars who are not famous will use various skills to come to people’s sight to obtain the opportunity to act.
The social significance not only refers to the people in the Cannas but also effects the outside people. As the increasing people are concern about the Cannas Film Festival, some stars who are not invited to take part in this season will tell the experiences he had before in order to appeal to people’s attention and raise their influence. Hence, Cannas Film Festival provides the social significance of people but also gain the authoritative as a reward.

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