Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival, dedicated to independent filmmakers, is the world’s leading independent film festival. The Sundance Film Festival, founded by Robert Redford in 1984, is organized by the Sundance Institute, which is composed of 25 members. Sundance Film Festival is held on January 18th -28 in Park City, Utah, USA for 11 days.



Founder:Robert Redford


Over the years, the American Festival has become an important spiritual pillar of independent production, and many of Hollywood’s leading directors see it as a springboard for directing mainstream commercial blockbusters. And Hollywood’s big studios are looking for rookies, and the Sundance Film Festival is an important human resource pool.

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The Institute is a non-profit company with an annual budget of $10 million, 35% of which is earned by the Institute itself and 65% by donations. The institute sponsors more than 400 filmmakers a year and more than 20,000 people at the Sundance Film Festival. Many of the sponsored directors or films later won Academy Awards, Emmy Awards or international film festivals.


At this year’s 34th Sundance International Film Festival, China’s well-known director Jia Zhangke won the best group Drama Award for his film Dead Pigs.

Robert Redford has provided a platform for many dreaming filmmakers to show their work and help them get more opportunities in the film and television industry, and he has worked with the Sundance International Film Festival to help these filmmakers in various ways. Unlike the red carpet festival, which we used to recognize as a celebrity, the Sundance International Film Festival focuses more on the work of new people.


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