Made in Shanghai—the center of the Shanghai international film festival

The Shanghai international film festival has long insisted on its orientation of “being based in Asia, paying attention to Chinese language and supporting new people”. It not only promotes the new couple’s new works to mature, but also establishes the step cultivation and incubation system, and also summarizes the rich fruits of “made in Shanghai” in the practice. Ning Hao, a famous director, and screenwriter was deeply impressed at this year’s Asian new talent awards on the night of June 22. More than 10 years ago, when his work “green grass” won the most popular Asian newcomer award, he not only let himself be known by the society and the industry but also promoted him to greater success. Therefore, he believed that the film festival had a “kindness to him” and spared no effort to cultivate and support young filmmakers. In fact, a large number of new movies have been made in Shanghai through various parts of the Shanghai international film festival, which has been engraved with the mark of “made in Shanghai” and is releasing more energy in China, Asia and even beyond. Shanghai manufacturing has a long tradition of serving the whole country, when Shanghai products, Shanghai talents sent to the whole country, forming a good reputation. Nowadays,Shanghai is developing for China’s film industry. It is also producing, cultivating and transferring film products and talents. In the words of some filmmakers, “Shanghai is making the future of film”.


From the Shanghai international film festival, people can learn about the trends of film creation and industrial information in China and other countries in the world. This platform is a window for the Shanghai film industry to release the latest plans and policies. As soon as it was released during the festival, the Songjiang district’s “science and technology movie capital” attracted wide attention from domestic and overseas media. This plan aims to implement the “50 cultural and creative lines” of Shanghai and launch the “four major brands” of Shanghai. It will gather a large number of innovative film and television production agencies and vigorously promote the “Shanghai manufacturing” level of the film and television industry. “Made in Shanghai”, a drama film with the theme of inheriting Chinese excellent culture and art, is a big mark of this festival. The world premiere of the 3D panorama Peking Opera film “Cao Cao and Yang Xiu”, the first 3D Kunqu opera film “Jingyang clock”, the first 3D Yue opera film “The Western Chamber”, and the restored version of Yue opera film “A Dream in Red Mansions”, all those reflect the brand of “made in Shanghai”. Obviously, the “made in Shanghai” of literary and artistic works will fly to a wider space after the wings of light and shadow are inserted.


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