Cultural value of the International Film Festival

Every year, the International Film Festival is a grand event in the film and television

industry. In the context of the era of globalization, the International Film Festival has

unwittingly built a bridge to communicate artistic ideas, creative ideas and capital flows

around the world. Its significance has long exceeded the high-profile catwalk on the red

carpet and the front page news of major media, and its value is diversifying. At the

moment when Hollywood films dominate the world, it is vital to play the role of the

International Film Festival in absorbing multiple and extensive exchanges. At present,

according to the latest incomplete statistics, the world’s various film festivals have

reached more than 650-700. 55 international film festivals approved by the International

Association of Film Producers under the UNESCO. In 1932, the Venice International Film

Festival was established. As the first international film festival, it was called the “father

of the International Film Festival”. Although many film festivals are slightly different in

style orientation and specific operation, in general, the International Film Festival

consists of four sections, competition units, film screenings, theme forums and film

trading markets, each of which contains Special value.

  1. Global cultural exchanges and collisions

The International Film Festival is a grand gathering of world media people. The best

producers, directors, actors, judges, film art lovers, filmmakers, film associations and

journalists from all over the world gather together to make it available in various forms.

There are also different categories in the diverse cultures presented at the International

Film Festival. First of all, political culture, also known as ideology and culture, is very

political in such a film festival. It is infiltrated into the performance of film art, and can

also be judged by the film selection criteria. At the annual film festival, the world media

will report through various forms of communication, and it is inevitable that the city and

the national culture will be spread out together. This is also a way of exporting national

culture. Followed by urban culture. If the media people of various countries are

representatives of their own culture, then the culture of the film festival itself is the

spokesperson of the culture of the place. Whether it is from the early planning of the film

festival, the mid-term operation or the later promotion, all aspects include the shadow of

the city.



  1. Rendering art and promoting academics

In addition to the competitions, the International Film Festival will often set up

new filmmakers and awards to provide new opportunities for filmmakers, as well

as a new source of blood for the film world. In order to promote film creation and

technology exchange, the International Film Festival usually holds academic

forums to allow industry professionals to fully communicate on a certain theme of

the world film. Like the “Youth Forum” at the Berlin Film Festival, Cannes’s “One

Eyes” unit, filmmakers can use these platforms to promote and communicate at a

deeper level. Many film festivals also feature film shooting and playback of

advanced equipment and software to promote the exchange of film technology.

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