Big Fish

In the legend, all living human beings are huge fish in the sea. From the time they were born, they began to set off from the coast, across the sea to different shores, sometimes separated, and sometimes died. A young girl named 椿, when she was sixteen years old, became a dolphin in the world, but she was trapped by a net in the sea and could not get out. At this time, a human boy jumped into the sea to save her life, but in the end unfortunately died. In order to repay the boy saved the girl‘s life,The little girl found the goddess to resurrect the boy and lived in her world. She needs to raise the little boy’s soul from a small fish into a big fish and eventually return to the sea.

timg  The movie ” Big fish Begonia” is not just an animated cartoon. His exquisite production can be said to be unprecedented in the history of Chinese animated films. The color and music of this film are full of Chinese style. Although the emotional line is a bit unclear, the character of the leading actor is not particularly complete, but it does not affect the status of the film. Also, This film was also nominated for many awards such as the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award. But even then, this movie is still a niche. When I saw this movie at the 2018 Melbourne Film Festival, I was almost surprised. In addition, I saw his promotional video at the airport. At that time, I found out that the film was really moving. Not only can we impress us, but we can also impress more people. The storyline of the whole movie is actually very simple. It tells a girl who uses her most simple love to return the teenager who once gave up her life. In a new life cycle, she tries to protect him. In the end, the boy grows huge. Fish, back to the ocean. When I finished watching the movie, what I felt was touched,And this kind of moving, I can’t express it in words. I was touched by this simple and stubborn feeling. This girl is sacrificial, at least she understands gratitude., and in reality, not everyone can do this. And her love is so pure,more than just life exchange life,Her love is not just a love. When I watched this movie at the Melbourne cinema, I felt different from it. It may be more mature than before, and I can see some details that I could not understand. Everyone is very quiet and quietly immersed in this story. Using movies to reflect our own lives, many times we can learn a lot of things that we can’t realize in life. When we watch movies, we not only harvest aesthetic education but also think more about life.

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