Analysis of the award-winning film at the Venice Film Festival

The 75th Venice Film Festival ended, Mexican director Alfonso Caron’s new film Rome became the highest prize of the Venice Film Festival – the Golden Lion Award winner. Van Mar Caidan awarded the best Chinese screenplay Award for the horizon unit “Killed a sheep”. Zhang Yimou received Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker award. Compared with previous years, this session of Venice has some characteristics. Despite the title of “Mother of the World Film Festival”, Venice film festivals one of the three largest film festivals in Europe, has been declining in recent years. On the one hand, the Cannes Film Exchange has become more and more important as a market regulator, and on the other hand, the Toronto Film Festival has stolen a lot of attention due to the approximation of time. Finding a breakthrough in the plight has become the “main theme” of the Venice Film Festival.


Venice film festival uses a unique way of attack. Netflix, the streaming giant who was rejected by the Cannes Film Festival, became a guest at the Venice Film Festival.  In addition to Rome, the number of Netflix films finalists for the Venice Film Festival has reached 6. “Ballads of Buster Scruggs” was a film edited by the Cohens from a Netflix miniseries, and won the best screenplay award in the main competition.

The Alfonso Caron prize “Rome”, which won the Golden Lion Award, came from the Netflix platform. The “war” between Netflix and the Cannes Film Festival has been regarded as a fierce confrontation between the traditional film industry and the streaming media. Just half a year ago, in May, a new regulation in Cannes provoked a strong Netflix rebound: “Only films that have been shown on the French courtyard line can compete in the main competition unit, and only films that have been shown on streaming media platforms do not qualify for that.” In addition, William Dafford’s Best Actor Award-winning “The Eternal Gate” allowed Van Gogh to die fighting rather than committing suicide in the film; The First Man on the Moon failed to reproduce Armstrong’s footage of putting the American flag on the moon; only one female director was included in the main competition, and Art Director Alberto called it “electricity.” “Shadow industry is dominated by men” and so on.


Judging from the ownership of the awards, the Venice Film Festival has begun the advance notice of the Hollywood awards season. As the first heavyweight International Film Festival in the second half of the year, Venice shifted from art to commercial art, with fewer private viewing films and more popular films. Judging by the results of the selection, the Venice Film Festival is a frequent entry to Oscar. From the point of view of concern, films with strong Chinese national characteristics and aesthetic interest still have a strong curiosity-hunting appeal to the West. “Shadow” is no longer the Chinese red in Zhang Yimou’s Silver Lion prize work “The Red Lantern hangs high”. Simple black-and-white gray refreshes the eyes of Westerners, while “Knock Down a Sheep” with mysterious color and religious temperament is also very attractive.


The rapid development of Chinese films in the market contrasts sharply with the weakness of the creative field, which is once again reflected in the Venice Film Festival. Only Wan Ma Caidan’s “Killed a sheep” won the Horizon Unit best screenwriter award, while Zhang Yimou accepted the Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker award. In retrospect, the time has changed. Today’s Venice Film Festival has a strong desire to survive. It is no longer the International Film Festival, which concentrates on artistic creation, but Venice, as a lucky land of Chinese movies, can hardly welcome the glorious moment of the Far East again.





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