The impact of sponsors on film festivals

See the World through Women’s Eyes! This is the slogan of the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival (SIWFF). The SIWFF was founded in 1997, has been dedicated to promoting the status of women in society and providing a platform for cultural exchange for women from different countries (SIWFF 2018). The Festival has always focused on the creation of women’s movies, and has been focusing on exploring new Asian women filmmakers and promoting the status of women filmmakers in the film industry.

The 20th SIWFF Poster

The 20th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival aims to guide women filmmakers and women’s films throughout the film industry. There is no doubt that SIWFF has grown into a world-wide international women’s Film Festival with audience’s love and trust, and this year ushered in the 20th anniversary of the world’s attention. At the same time, it has aroused widespread international resonance, reflecting the current trend of women’s films.

According to relevant information, the most famous women’s film festivals come from Asian countries, such as Seoul International Women’s Film Festival and Aichi International Women’s Film Festival. However, in western countries, the scale of women’s film festivals is relatively small. As far as I know, there is a women’s Film Festival in Melbourne, which has been growing up in the past two years. It is called the Melbourne Women in Film Festival (MWFF) which was founded in 2017 (MWFF 2017). They share a common goal: to focus on women filmmakers and women’s films for the sake of gender equality.

The logo of MWFF

In this article, I will focus on the impact of sponsors on film festivals. Through the understanding and comparison of the two festivals, I found that sponsors played an important role in the festival. There is no doubt that commercial sponsorship offers the potential to attract some significant financial and in kind support (Eldridge, P & Voss, J, p. 23). On their website, we can see that SIWFF has a large number of sponsors and covers all walks of life.

Sponsors of SIWFF

On the contrary, there are relatively few sponsors of the MWFF.

Sponsor of MWFF

Of course, as SIWFF has a longer history, the number of sponsors must be more than that of MWFF. But what we can know is that sponsors have affected the organization and scale of film festivals to a certain extent. It is clear that when organizing a film festival, it is very important to seek sponsors. Therefore, how to get financial support from sponsors has become an important part of organizing a film festival. According to Eldridge and Voss, ‘it is important to think carefully about what you may have to offer each company you approach’ (Eldridge, P & Voss, J, p.23). Thus, when attracting investment, we need to pay attention to strategies and ways.

In conclusion, these two film festivals have chosen the theme of the unique film festival, focusing on the power of women. As a famous female film festival, SIWFF shows its mature side and is constantly innovating. For example, this year, SIWFF newly adds International Feature Competition section to speak for women through films that deliver values of gender equality in a critical mind (SIWFF 2018). Its vision is no longer confined to the Asian market, but broadened to the international market. Nevertheless, the MWFF is still very young, it has boundless potential to become better.



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Author: Haihui Hu – 27708829

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