Movies promote world progress

Movies convey emotions through pictures to influence audiences. In the process, the movie is also actively changing the progress of the world.

I would like to introduce a very famous movie called Silenced. It will be shown in Korea in September 22, 2011. Because the social problems reflected in the film are of great concern to the South Korean nation, it is also known as “the film that changes the country of Korea.”


This film based on sexual violence in a school for the deaf, mute and disabled in Kwangju, South Korea, from 2000 to 2004, depicts the tragedy of that time and the story of teachers and human rights activists working together to unveil the shadows.

Kwangju, a 4 hour drive from Seoul. This is where the crime is, a disabled school with charity education. This is a private hearing-impaired school. It is protected by the Law on Private Schools and the Law on Social Welfare. It operates independently and is not subject to outside supervision.

In 2005, the school teachers reported abuse and sexual assault by school leaders and some teachers. After a lawyer and a doctor learned about the school through a number of channels, they investigated the incident and found that more than 10 students, ranging in age from 7 to 20, were victims of violence or sexual assault against hearing-impaired students in the school from 2000 to 2004, from the headmaster to the teacher.

When the sex scandal was exposed, it immediately caused social outrage and related personnel were arrested. However, the subsequent verdict was astonishing. The National Human Rights Commission of Korea reported only six people, and only four of them were eventually tried. The principal and general affairs director were sentenced to five and ten months respectively in the first instance, and two teachers were sentenced to two years for sexual assault.

The second trial was even more incredible. The situation reversed dramatically. The principal and general counselor were considered to have no previous conviction and were suspended for release after reaching an agreement with the victim’s family. Finally, only the head of the school administration and the life instructor were sentenced to one and two years imprisonment, respectively.timg (1).jpeg

timg (2)

In September 2011, the film “Silenced” was officially released under the struggle of Korean writer Kong Zhiyong and actor Kong Yong, which shocked Korean society. Two days later, 22 thousand people signed up on the Internet, demanding a new investigation of sexual violence.

Sixth days after the film was released, Kwangju police formed a task force to restart the investigation of sexual violence in Renhe school. However, the current law of prevention and control of sexual assault in South Korea was too light, and the prosecution period was seven years. Two teachers of sexual assault had passed the prosecution period.

The Korean society strongly appealed for increasing the standard of sentencing for sexual assault and abolishing the prosecution period.

It was because of the appeal of the film and the pressure of the public opinion of the netizens that on October 28, 2011, on the 37th day of the release of Silenced, the South Korean Congress passed by 207 votes, with 1 abstention, overwhelmingly passed the partial amendment of the Special Law on Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, also known as the Silenced Law.

The film is not only winning box office and awards, it also brings a country’s progress, is the film to promote the Korean society’s introspection.timg (3)

“We fight all the way, not to change the world, but to prevent the world from changing us”.  From the Korean movie “Silenced”.


Baiyu Lin, 28583272

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