From the New to think about the future

Since the first film festival hold in 1932, a long time for the development of it has passed. Many famous international film festivals set up and play important role in the film industry. In recent years, many new film festivals occur. Audience call them “for minority” in the world. These festivals concerns about minority culture, minority film style or theme (Savinovic, Kim & Long 2012) seem catch public’s attention gradually. For many audiences believe famous festival like Cannes International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival and Berlin International is now more focus on famous film stars other than the film works themselves, small film festival with focus theme might be the future of film festival.


China Britain Film Festival is such a kind of new film festival which is considered belong to the idea of “minority” by the public. In 2016, visited my friend in her university in Shanghai and experienced an expending activity focus on school. With its young age, this festival only known by a few people. In this case, activities also need to hold in young people. Except making the activity in shanghai, it also organized activities in universities in other four main cities in China. Although this can be seen as a behavior that it wants to expand its influence and play a role in the main strain, it also shows the idea that to gain young audience means to gain the future of film festival.


To support this kind of festival, new media could not be ignored. In the past, the audience are used to knowing the film festival from television or newspaper. However, with the change of audience receive news, online media platform replaces the traditional ways (De Valck 2008). The China Britain Film Festival utilized it effectively. It cooperated with LeTV, a Chinese online video playing platform with a large range of young supporters, to live broadcast the awards ceremony. It also let the audience watch the films shown in the festival on line after they pay for it and provide these audience permissions to vote for the film. Directors and main actors of the film can directly answer the questions online through the live. This attracts a lot young Chinese audience to support this festival. This helps the festival to gain the market and to make a clear idea of focus on it.


Small but professional film festival might be the future but most of this kind of festival hopes it could still have great influence in the world. For minority might depends on reasons like young age of the festival, selected film theme that has limited audience care about, or the less acceptable film styles. It could not be denied this kind of festival has clear target audience. Becoming more focusing might be the development trend of the film festivals.


New media technology also helps this kind of festival breakthrough the limitation like sponsor or geography. Although the festival is for minority it can also be known by the wide public. In this case, if for minority would be a future of film festival, it would not leave the support from the online media platform.



De Valck, M 2008, “Screening the Future of Film Festivals? A long tale of convergence and digitization”, Film International, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 15-23, doi: 10.1386/fiin.6.4.15


Savinovic, A, Kim, S. &Long, P 2012, “Audience Members’ Motivation, Satisfaction, and Intention to Re-visit an Ethnic Minority Cultural Festival”, Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, vol.29, no. 7, pp.682-694, doi: 10.1080/10548408.2012.720154


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