From film reporter Xu Fei: film festivals are an incentive

The film festival is not only a grand event for film creators but also for the media. Every year, many journalists around the world are rushing to report on the film festival and the film industry. So what is the film festival in their eyes?

Recently, I interviewed Xu Fei, a reporter on the Chinese film industry’s ace show “China Film Report.” Since she started her career, she has been reporting on the film industry and has experienced many film festivals in person. As a journalist, she is both a bystander and a participant in the film industry. Regarding the film festival, she has some experiences to share.


(Xu Fei in the interview (first from left))

Q: What international film festivals have you participated?
Xu: Tokyo International Film Festival,Beijing International Film Festival, Silk Road International Film Festival, BRICS Film Festival.

Q: In recent years, how is the influence of Chinese films at major film festivals?
Xu: The number of Chinese filmmakers and films participating in the international film festivals has increased. On the whole, more people know about Chinese movies and understand the status quo of the Chinese film industry. However, China still needs award-winning works with international influence, and we must strive to let more foreign audiences learn more about classic Chinese movies.

Q: What do you think of the “carpet star” phenomenon that has been discussed by audiences?
Ps. Carpet Star is a particular celebrity phenomenon in China. Many of carpet stars claim to have various brands or official invitations so they could walk on the red carpet. However, no film they participated selects in the film festival. Most of them want to take advantage of the film festival to win exposure opportunities for yourself with the help of film festivals.
Xu: The essential core of the filmmakers should still focus on the work. The carpet star can only attract a moment of attention. Some of the filmmakers who specialize in marketing themselves can open their popularity through the red carpet exposure and even take a certain position in the fashion industry, but the red carpet is just an exposure opportunity. Without the follow-up efforts, most carpet stars can only stop as a carpet star.

Q: What role do you think the film festival plays in the creative career of a filmmaker?
Xu: I think the film festival is an incentive for filmmakers. At the festival, filmmakers can communicate with film creators from different countries, exchange ideas about movies, and even find new project opportunities. This is a kind of learning and development for them. If their films can short-list, it is a kind of encouragement and affirmation for them. If they can win the award, they also can increase their popularity.


(Xu Fei in the film festival)

Xu Fei, a reporter from CCTV-6 “China Film Report.”
“China Film Report” is the ace of the CCTV-6 movie channel. The program mainly provides the audience with professional news reports on the Chinese film industry and news such as movie trends. Beginning in 2004, Forbes used the content of the “China Film Report” as an important reference data for the statistical star exposure of its “China Mainland Celebrity List.”

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