Foreign Culture Film Festival from the Italian Film Festival


Unlike other film festivals, this Italian film festival was a brochure that I accidentally got from a theatre. Read it carefully and discover what makes this film festival different. The venues of many film festivals are fixed. For example, the Melbourne International Film Festival, the theatre has taken over the festival for a period. However, the Italian Film Festival is divided into several theatres. The opening ceremony of Melbourne is an example, which will be released in five different theatres. Just when I thought it was a start-up film festival, the official website of the festival told me that the festival had lasted for more than a decade and was the most significant Italian film public celebration outside of Italy.



(image:opening night theatres in Melbourne. From

In addition, the Italian Film Festival is not only held in Melbourne but is toured throughout Australia, including seven major cities. How to conduct a non-national culture film festival, the Italian Film Festival is probably a good model. In 2000, Antonio Zeccola realised that there were no film festivals about Italy in various film festivals in Australia. So, with the first Italian Film Festival, it also brought Italian wild enthusiasm to the eyes of Australian cineaste. As a result, the second and third sessions are on schedule under the expectation of the public, and they have developed into a good relationship with many local Australian companies. Among them, LAVAZZA has been the primary sponsor for 15 consecutive years. This year’s film festival still adheres to the historical theme, combining the love of Italian culture with the passion of the film, and adding elements such as Italian cuisine, wine and music, is an excellent celebration for lovers of Italian culture. As the festival director, Elysia Zeccola answers the question What do you think works so well about it? “I think the festival works so well because it’s a great combination of Italian glamour, some of the star-studded comedies spring to mind; mixed with Italian skill, I’m just wow-ed when I see films like ‘Dogman’ and ‘Happy As Lazarro’; and on top we create an Italian experience in the cinemas through different initiatives which turn the locations into a celebration of Italian culture throughout the festival” (Zeccola, 2018).


(image: retrieved from

The film is an all-encompassing art and one of the best displays of culture. In the process of enjoying the movie, the public will naturally come into contact with the music, language and cultural characteristics. Elysia Zeccola also said that film is one of the most attractive and accessible options. Foreign film festivals open a window for local culture, and the audience thinks about the problem from another angle. The time spent with foreign movies is like a few hours of overseas trips. The audience participates in the story of the protagonist and feels the joys and sorrows together. This is the beauty of the film.



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Author: Songhua Liu — 28643518




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