Differences Lead to Loneliness: The Legend of 1900

I just want to talk about the character, 1900.


Everyone called him a genius, and everyone was crazy about it. 1900, from the possession of this extraordinary name, is destined to be an extraordinary person. Highlight, applause, and glory, things that ordinary people may not have in their lifetime, are as common as the air of 1900 of genius.

But the highlights, the applause and the glory are not happy, nor long-lasting.
There was a scene in the movie that made me particularly uncomfortable: when people danced around 1900 for music, some people saw the Statue of Liberty, and all of them suddenly screamed for birds and beasts, leaving only 1900 lonely figure. No amount of glory can save the loneliness. At this moment, he is not a genius, but a poor abandoned person.

Probably only the trumpet player is willing to listen to the heart of 1900 rather than the piano. He does not understand him, but he respects him. He used the respect to fulfill the complete independence of 1900. I saw someone saying that if he were the fat man, he would knock the 1900 and then drag it off the boat. I think this kind of thinking is also destined that he can’t be the fat man, and can’t be the only real friend of 1900.

If we are more realistic, assuming that the trumpeter really got 1900 off the boat, how will the story extend? We all know that the lonely trumpeter has no ability to find a new ship for friends, find 88 keys and the end. 1900 will inevitably be worn away from the corners and mediocrity, falling into the dust into a mortal.

Survive, or live with peace of mind. This is also a problem. The choice of a mortal is to live alive no matter what, the “live” thing itself is more important than anything else. The genius sees the comfort of the soul more seriously, followed by life and death. Therefore, mortals can endure humiliation, but genius is willing to break. Everyone gets what he values ​​most, and no one is worth more than anyone else.

In fact, I am not too happy to use the word genius to define 1900. Genius has been used up. I prefer to say that 1900 is an ET. The people that live on this planet talk to talk. This is the way humans use. But 1900 is not in the human category. His fingers are his vocal organs, connected to his heart and eyes. His physical function is human, his perception and heart are ET.

ET is amazing, but not unusual. Because each of us is ET.

We used to be very different and lively. But later, we were educated, corrected, and put on track. So we changed from one ET to a group of people on earth. Our fresh face is submerged in the crowd and becomes blurred. There is no difference at first glance. Only those coincidences, such as 1900, are lucky or unfortunate to preserve their independence and ET presence, becoming the genius and heterogeneity in the eyes of the common guys.




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