The Mission of Film Festival

The film festival has been faithful to its original beliefs: to explore films to promote film development, to support the world’s film industry and to become the seventh international event. However, the red carpet has gradually become the most concerned part of the film festival. What does the “red carpet” represent today? The red carpet is an aspect of the film festival and is also the most attractive part of the event. For the organizers, this is the first attempt to greet the world’s biggest film artists and up-and-coming newcomers with equal respect. It also takes the opportunity to pay tribute to the artist’s creativity, because this is also the prestige of the festival. The festival is very concerned about the exploration of new people and the support for creation. But I don’t know when the red carpet of the film festival became a must for the Chinese stars. At every international film festival, Chinese stars are keen on taking the red carpet. Although there is no work, they have to go up and show themselves, especially represented by the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival. The Cannes Film Festival itself has a unique advantage, the schedule is appropriate, the attention is high, the stars are gathered, and secondly, Cannes is the best platform for a star to upgrade their rank. The Cannes Film Festival is an explosion of fame and attention, a stage that instantly raises awareness and exposure. Although some of them have no works, they still insist on going to the red carpet in order to increase their popularity. However, for most viewers, their focus is still on the work of movie stars.


For the audience, the significance of the festival is not just to watch the star’s red carpet show. “Movies” is the only theme throughout the festival. The festival is faithful to its history, but it also pays attention to the introduction of new things and originality. For decades, it has worked hard to preserve the love of movies and discover emerging talent. The festival receives professionals and journalists from around the world to assist in the birth and distribution of the film. Every film festival has a number of film projects born to share experiences and discover the new culture.

With the development of film and society, the significance of the film festival is no longer limited to the artistic reward of pure film evaluation. The film screening, forum summit, market cooperation, and red carpet show have gradually become the unit sections of major film festivals. It adds new business benefits and social significance to the festival. The world’s outstanding directors, screenwriters, actors, and producers gathered together to provide a platform for the development of the industry. It not only promoted the exchange of film cultures in various countries and regions, but also opened up market transactions in film production. The festival enhances the communication between the film and the audience in terms of cultural benefits, and promotes the communication and connection between the film’s main creative, filmmakers, film distributors and broadcasters in terms of business benefits. Producers can explore the types of topics that may be developed, directly reach the project intentions with the director, further increase the volume of film projects, and prosper the development of the film industry.


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