Some perceptions about MIFF


After watching the film “Under the cover of cloud” and doing research to explore the history and purposes of Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), I have some perceptions about MIFF.

One the one hand, MIFF provides a public and liberal platform to engage the public to understand the history and culture of Australia. For example, the films “The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland” introduces the Indigenous people in Australia to reflect their unique life. “Under the cover of cloud” describes a normal family in Tasmania, the film represents the power of families who can help you overcome the difficulties in our life. The Australian films in MIFF break the barrier of cultural clash and narrow the gap between the audiences form different countries. Additionally, MIFF offers more opportunities for the young independent film producers. Under the severe competitive context of the film industry, an increasing number of filmmakers just pursuit more economic benefits, rather than the quality of a film. MIFF provides an ideal stage for the young generation filmmakers to show their talent and reflect the real world to the audiences. Moreover, because MIFF has widely spread the values and culture of Australia, it is an effective way for the Victoria government to stimulate the tourism. Especially, for Melbourne, the graffiti and café culture can attract tourists to increase the local financial revenues.

On the other hand, although MIFF brings both economic and cultural benefits of Australia, it still has some problems which should not be ignored. Initially, some Asian and European films are sort of hard to understand. 100 people have 100 Hamlet in their hearts, every film has different core meanings. For example, when I was watching “Under the cover of cloud”, some dialogues and meanings were hard to understand. If the sponsor can provide more background introduction to the audiences, particularly the audience who come from different culture, it may help them better understand this movie. In addition, as a student who is doing the investigation of film festivals, taking part in programs of MIFF can help me learn more professional and practicality capacities to organize a film festival in Monash campus. If MIFF can co-operate with more student communities, it is possibly a “win-win” strategy which can not only help more students to understand the film festival but also can help MIFF collect more innovative proposals from the young generation. Furthermore, the Premiere Fund Photographic Exhibit of MIFF is an unsuccessful event. When I arrived at the MIFF Lounge, the staffs in there even had no idea of whether the exhibition is starting or not. Also, the photographs just the online pictures which we can download on MIFF’s official website, the information of films were limited.

Overall, the MIFF is a successful event to engage citizens to focus on the film culture. However, it is still a tough task to maintain the operation and absorb more innovative proposals in the future.

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