A simple shell, an inner treasure—— Nepal International Film Festival

How can make a good movie? A popular young star? Expensive equipment? Massive investment sponsorship? What should the opening of the film festival be like? Luxury cars, gowns, bright atmosphere? It seems that none of this has happened in Nepal International Film Festival, but the film itself has brought great spiritual shock and enjoyment to the audience.

Nepal has a high happiness index, although it is not a developed country, but the people there are not slow, always do things with enjoyment. They even did not start on film festivals or even opening in Pokhara. But the filmmakers there worked very hard.

The Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) is an international grand prix event that showcases film narratives, stories and inspirations. NIFF brings together inspiring and socially conscious films from around the world and provides Nepalese audiences with a platform to watch and inspire them. The selection process is the most important part of NIFF. During the four-day film festival, awards for selected works from around the world were broadcast during which the awards for the best films were awarded. NIFF is not only a gathering of filmmakers from around the world to share, but also a gathering of Nepalese and filmmakers from around the world to exchange experiences, ideas and film production techniques. NIFF will also host various master courses, film project ventures, and invite overseas film experts to teach.niff

The executive chairman of the festival is himself a director. When he is not filming, he should hurry to do the film festival. Indian director Amir Khan told Time magazine: “I was born in this country, it’s my helplessness! If the next generation is the same, it’s my incompetence. ” The Nepalese filmmakers share almost the same ideals as Amir Khan.

Have you ever seen an opening ceremony of film festival just like this?



Even in the movie theater of Nepal International Film Festival, there are no projectors, only projectors. 观影

But all this did not come to an end when the film festival opened. The light and shadows in the film are full of layers. The costumes and props in the scene express their culture exquisitely, and the language is so accurate. The best short film of 2018 is a short film called ‘Jaal Gedi’. Jaal Gedi

In this short film, all the children and adults’ performances are so real, the scenery is permeated with the beauty of nature, the sun gives the children outlined a Phnom Penh, sports lens, humorous details, the starring girl is only a director of a mountain teaching students. The director spent only 4,000 dollars. They filmed it for four days. They cut it and mixed it up in two days. There were only six people on the team.

And the audience of the festival, most of them are middle school students, they wear neat school uniforms, seriously watching the film. In the movie, every small detail appears, the audience is enthusiastic. At the end of the last note, no one would have thought that the audience had not applauded yet, and the audience had applauded so madly that they drowned out the applause on the screen.

An International Film Festival can be held with a projector, but there are professional judges, sincere viewers, and films that hit the heart. Four days of Film Festival, 50 movies from 30 countries. Nepal’s education, whether it’s movies or these high school students, seems to be on the road of informatization, and they will leap across the industrial revolution to the world.


Peng, XL 2018, ‘Experience of Nepal International Film Festival’, Shanghai Collecting Wind, no. 03, pp. 27-29.


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