The Secret behind a Successful Operation of the Film Festival

The festival is not just a pure star carnival party, it is also a platform for exchanges and cooperation in countless movie business projects. For the filmmakers of a movie, the film festival is an excellent publicity platform. At the festival, public relations companies responsible for different films managed to gain more exposure for the film and even interfered with the operating mechanism and results of the festival. Therefore, how to successfully operate a large commercial activity with many exchange resources and forms of communication, how to promote the effective operation of the film festival has become a matter that the festival organizers need to worry about.


In his chapter ‘Bound and Gagged(Fischer,2009): Social connectivity and Film Festivals’ Alex Fischer relates a story of a festival director balancing and negotiating several relationships – with the festival board, volunteers, contributing artists, funding bodies, sponsors and so on. Some basic elements of the operating film festivals are described below, which cover the setting process of the film festival. Almost all the organization and construction work related to the film festival is carried out around these items.

For example, The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival (HRAFF) is a not-for-profit, apolitical organization that explores diverse and inspiring human stories through the mediums of film, art, music, and forums in Melbourne. This film festival has several co-organizers like  Lloyds Auctioneers & Valuers, and to the artists who donated their work to the art auction. With their support, the film festival raised over $14,000 for this year festival. And some patrons below:

图片 1

Sponsors are organizations, institutions, or individuals that contribute to the film festival by providing money or in-kind contributions for charitable or commercial reasons. Accepting sponsorship and allowing large companies to become partners can prove the prestige and influence of the festival to a certain extent. Therefore, the organizer can choose to make some partnerships open to enhance the enthusiasm of the participants. Co-sponsors can be divided into three groups by type: organizer and organization group, customers and guests, the board of directors and sponsors. Every group plays a different role and is indispensable for the film festival.

Organizers: Organizers are members of the film festival’s organizers, such as master planners, event managers, choreographers, etc. These organizers often use their personal connections to introduce more overseas films. Clients and Guest Institutions: Sponsoring clients is often a frequent visitor to the festival, and guests will vary depending on the event. As customers and guests attending the film festival, their status is the evaluation standard of activity grade and taste. Whether it is the organizers of the festival, the exhibitors, or the various practitioners related to the film festival, or just the pure audience, they are participating in one large movie event in their own way. Every institution and every individual is an indispensable factor in the film festival. They are all co-constructing and witnessing countless movie-related spark collisions. Therefore, the successful operation of a film festival is closely related to each participant. Only through mutual cooperation and harmonious coexistence can the platform be used to its fullest effect.


Alex Fischer. (2009) . Conceptualising Basic Film FestivalOperation: An Open System Paradigm[D].

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival. (2018). HRAFF Mission – Human Rights Arts & Film Festival 2017. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Sep. 2018].




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