Use film language to tell the beauty of science fiction – interstellar

Interstellar is Christopher Nolan’s most exciting masterpiece in recent years and one of my favorite movies. The film, starring Matthew McConnor and Anne Hathaway, tells the story of the heroine’s deep-space voyage to save the future.

The film uses a single-line narrative shooting technique, the advantage of this technique is easy to capture the attention of the audience. Although the story line is one-way, the director uses the story of space-time travel to connect the entire film into an infinite closed loop. At the beginning of the story, the earth’s environment deteriorated, and the land was no longer suitable for crop survival. Humans can only grow corn to survive, but also to resist frequent sandstorms. In this harsh environment, the hero lives with his daughter, but as a former astronaut, he is in danger and has received an Astronautical mission. The heroine’s father, a doctor who worked out the formula for human survival, put forward two plans to continue human history. The first is to get the hero to take the human gene out of the earth and continue the human civilization on the livable planets that the astronauts have identified. The second is to calculate the gravity formula, create a super-light speed flight vehicle, or create a livable space in space. The protagonist set out on the premise of mutual trust with his team members and went to the coordinates of the livable planet sent by the pathfinder. Because of the need for high-speed flight, the spaceship’s time and the Earth’s relative time is not synchronous, so the director brought a wonderful shock to the audience. For example, the hero landed on a planet much slower than Earth at a relative time, and the result proved that it was not habitable. The protagonist then returns to the capsule, which, shockingly, lasts only forty minutes on the planet, but the crew of the capsule has been alone for twenty-six years. Another example, when they crossed the edge of the black hole, they spent only a few minutes, but the so-called Earth time has passed for decades, even the hero’s daughter has almost finished her life. An excellent film often captures complex theories in the most vivid way, while Nolan shocks the relativity in the most striking way.

At the end of the movie, the man enters the black hole and gets the data of the black hole singularity. And the man also got help from the future man in the four dimensional space, and successfully returned to his daughter. It was a happy ending, but the reality was not so good. In reality, the scientific issues we face are far more rigorous and complex. The wonderful science fiction of this movie reminds me of the Three Plants. Time and space crossing can always bring people a storm of thinking and let people fall into the beauty of mathematical closed loop. I’m glad that just one movie can give me a sense of immersion, and Christopher Nolan, with his brilliant shooting style and fantasy, will continue to dominate the film industry.

2 thoughts on “Use film language to tell the beauty of science fiction – interstellar

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