The world is like a carnival

To be Honestly, when the film of the Carnival was just released in China, I bought the ticket to the cinema to watch the movie alone,And, coincidentally, I found that almost everyone who came to see this movie was alone. So why do you have to go to see this movie even if you are alone? Because this movie is worth it. So when I found this movie at the Melbourne Film Festival 2018, my heart was really delighted.

This is a very feminine perspective film. There are actually two female protagonists in the film. One is a personal experience and the other is a bystander. I remember the director said that if there is only one protagonist, it is easy for us to think of the movie as a movie only, and not to feel that it is our own life, but if the next person is also the protagonist, we can substitute the role of a bystander. The deeper understanding of this movie.

The carnival film tells the story of two young girls being sexually assaulted. The story itself should be cruel, but the director expressed it in the most peaceful way. There are many places in the whole movie that can be lyrical, such as broken childhood, such as crying girls, such as difficult rights protection, but the director did not deliberately sensation but used the calmest attitude to tell the whole story, let the audience feel Absolutely realistic.

The whole movie is full of bullying. The first type of bullying is the bullying of adults to children. Adults in the whole society do not respect the children’s thoughts. Parents do not care about anything that harms children. At this time, crimes tend to fall more easily on children. The second type of bullying is male-to-female bullying. Almost all the women in the movie are suppressed by men. Every woman is not respected and understood in the process of male communication. It can even be said that she does not have self-esteem. In the eyes of men, women seem to be inferior so they will have snoring, injury, and even It is sexual assault. The third type of bullying is the bullying of the strong to the weak. It is almost everywhere in the whole movie. After the girls are sexually abused, their way of defending their rights is so difficult because the power of the strong is too Strong, this also makes the girls get secondary damage.

Many movies are described as good or bad. But this movie can’t be evaluated like this because they have already surpassed the value of good looks. The world is a noisy carnival, but there are too many people who remain silent and shed tears. We saw the cruelty of society from the movies and saw the weakness of the weak. In many cases, this also saw us see ourselves. We should love the world and love all those who need to be protected.

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