Sunrise and Sunset, the love story

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are two great film about love story that are directed by Richard Stuart Linklater. He is one of the most famous directors in America. His trilogy of love earn many awards for him, such as Best director at the Berlin film festival, being nominated for best adapted screenplay at the Academy Awards and being nominated for best screenplay at the independent spirit awards.

Here I wanna talk about the first two of Richard’s trilogy. They are Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. By the way, the third one named Before Midnight. They are not only two films which born for money and awards, but for telling the story, to show the inside world from director.

The sunrise tells a story about American young man Jesse and French young girl Selena. They meet on a train and then travel around Vienna together. During one day, they fall in love little by little, and make a appoint that they will meet after half a year. It’s very classic but fantastic. The film does not like other common love film. It does not have too much reversal or conflict. Linklater let two protagonists keep chatting during a day, and what they talk is trivial. By rights, it should be a boring film comes with lots of shooting problems. However, this movie is very attractive that never make you feel boring. Linklater want to avoid repetition in his work, so he used lots of ways to complete this film. For example, the scene color switch. Another example is the change between the position of the character space. Even filming as the characters move around is full of variation. Long shots are often used when the two are walking. When they stop, they often shoot in front and back light. The scenes of life that people take for granted are actually carefully designed by the director. It’s worth mentioning that the highlight is not only the shooting technique, but also the script. Its not only a story about how to fall in love in one day, but also an allegory that suggests the process from meeting to falling in love, which suitable for everyone.

The same dramatic structure takes place in the second film, Before Sunset. However, the key meaning that Linklater want to express is different. He want let us know the importance of grasp. Between wish and responsibility, most of adults will choose the latter. It is why life is full of regrets. Every one watched the film may think about what they actually want.

In the history of the film factory, few people can make a film into a performance art. Linklater is a successful person who complete a trilogy so perfectly, It’s no wonder he deserves his place at all sorts of film festivals.




  1. According to the State of Texas. Texas Birth Index, 1903–1997.

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