Expose social reality film & film festival

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During the film festival, one of the films named ‘UNDERMINED: TALES FROM THE KIMBERLEY’ made a deep impression on me. That film reflected the dispute between the Kimberley, which is an area of West Australia and the government. As the public could find the detail on the MIFF website, the theme of this film is environmental. During the film festival, I have watched this film at the cinema and listened to the interview with the director and the actor. To my surprise, not only to advertise their film, this term was talking a lot about Kimberley. At the same time, most of the main actors are from Kimberley. The aim of them is not only let more people know their products but also get more real information about the people in Kimberley.


When we went to the film festival, we had an opportunity to communicate with the director and the actors directly. As the main actor said in the interview, this movie showed the true condition of Kimberly and the aim of them is let more people know about these disputes and issues.when we watched it, it is moving that the aborigines love their hometown so much and tended to protect their hometown by themselves.


In today’s world, there are lots of films insinuate the social phenomenon or disputation of special areas. For example, at the 62ndBerlin film festival, there are several films shows social phenomenon and historical problems. In these films, the audience could watch unsanitary living conditions, the harsh working environment of people in some developing countries. likewise, in a film named ‘reluctant revolutionary’, the filmmaker Sean McAllister who is from Ireland used the eyes of tourist guide Kais, shows the events of the revolution in Yemen (Gemunden 2012). These films let the audience get information about these issues and tend to pay attention to these areas. In my opinion, the aim of these directors is not only producing a good film and let more knowledgeable about their film. At the same time, they would like to get the attention of the audience and let them know about the story behind the movie.


During the film festival and some research of the film festival, it is clear to see that the film festival is a good platform for the producer to show their film. Thus, if some film shows the condition of some sensitive issues or special areas all over the world, it will get more attention of people and let more people know about these issues. at the same time, as the social media become the main approach for people to communicate, it will bring more reputation for these produces. I watched a lot of amazing films all over the world. Some of them are mock the unfair world is human right. If these good film could get more attention and let more people think about it, even it cannot change the world, its still has it value to bring some positive emotion to people.



Gemünden, Gerd. “” Time for outrage!” The 62nd Berlin Film Festival returns to its political roots.” Film Criticism 36.3 (2012): 45.


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