MIFF Talks: Sex on Screen


I’d like to talk about my experience in Melbourne International Film Festival(MIFF), because other Talk Panel’s ticket was sold out, there’s only one panel left which was about sex on screen. I think it’s a good topic to discuss, then I bought the ticket. They invited four filmmakers and actors to discuss representations of sex on screen and compare approaches to exploring and evoking eroticism. They consider the question: how do we depict on-screen intimacy authentically and originally, without being exploitative?

The panel was about an hour, some views of that actress was impressed me and gave me a lot of thoughts. First of all, she mentioned that the sex part in many movies is meaningless, just to pull the attention of the audience back from the dull story in the middle of the movie, especially male audience. Then she asked why there’s most of sex plot is let the actress naked, not the male. Most importantly, the movie always shows the good side of sex, but the fact is not the case. This has high requirements for actresses, who must control their expressions under such circumstances. I agree with her point of view, as she said, there are a lot of plot didn’t need to show sex, but now it’s kind like a part of rules in film making, like if you want to show the couple’s love each other, you must shoot this. I don’t think it’s unnecessary to have sex on the screen, but I also think it has some misuse and unfairness to actresses.

I think this panel is very meaningful. Sex is a topic that is rarely discussed with everyone in public, and it is not uncommon on the screen. In China, this is almost impossible to discuss in the film festival, which brings me some different cultural experiences and a different perspective on the film and film festival. The Chinese film festival will hardly discuss LGBT or sex. I think it is a good thing to think like this. It is good for everyone to watch movies from more aspects, especially those filmmakers and distributors.

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