The meaning of participating in the international film festival

No matter the professional filmmaker or the people who interested in the film, they are full of the hope and respect. As we are preparing for a small film festival, we learn that it is not the easy work. The demand for the real film festival is more than the small one we organized. Behind the sleek stage of the festival, there are many staff members who are sweating silently. The film festival collects film from all over the world which is a huge filming project will spend energy for the organizer.


Venezia (2018) illustrated that the film festival was born on August 6, 1932, which is an activity to promote the film and improve the level of the movie. It also provides a place to gather the filmmakers to communicate with each other that creates the opportunities of cooperation, rewards the meaningful and creative movies. Anderson and Addio (2018) claimed that there are many film festivals and the most famous are the three international film festivals in Europe, Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, Cannes International Film Festival in France, Venice International Film Festival in Italy.


These film festivals have the significant influence on the film market so that no matter actors and producers all want to participate in it. If one movie is chosen to show in the film festival, it is not only an affirmation of the film but obtains the popularity for the filmmaker. The film will be examined and gain the box office which means the value and appeal. For the actors, walking the red carpet is an opportunity to improve the exposure. These actors will be known by the directors and may obtain more cooperation. For instance, these actors will be considered first if the directors have the fantastic script and sponsored by the famous brand. These are the best response that given to the participants of the film festival. For the festival, it requires celebrities to appeal to the fans that can catch the attention.


Personally, the most important of the film festival is to provide a platform which is fair and open. It has the capacity to showcase the different style of the film, discover and tap potential actors, writers to promote the development of the industry in a positive direction. Some countries’ films still need constant learning, in order to obtain more attention in the background of the cultural differences, the direct way is to take part in the overseas exhibition. Since people from different countries will examine the films more comprehensive, directors have the more intuitive comparison of the movies. In addition, entering the overseas market is an important process which will attract the attention of the investors. Some films lack money to shoot, the writers can find more chance to find the venture capital funds or someone who interested in this film to invest money. Hence, the filmmakers can be provided the indeed by the platform of the film festival and film festival.


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