Spirited Away——Fairy tales about growing up

Spirited Away is a great anime film created by Hayao miyazaki. For the generation of 90’s, It is no doubt the most excellent film during their childhood. From the film released until now, Many and many essayists or critics have wrote countless understanding of it, but for me, I think it can be very different in various people’s opinion.

First of all, the content of this film is obvious and attractive. A little girl named Chihiro moved away with her parents. The summer afternoon is boring and whiny. The sunshine fell down and the chirp from cicada flew around Chihiro. Suddenly, The car crushed into an old road, which came with lots of figure of deities distract in two sides. Crossed the gate which like a hole, Chihiro and her parents appeared in front of an old, great magic world.

Everything started from her. After this, Chihiro go through forgetting, finding and growing. The specific story is no need to repeat cause I believe everyone is familiar with it. I would like talk about some significance hiding behind the story, which just understand by my own view.

Actually the most attractive part i think is that train. The train on the sea, which direct to the other side of world. Chihiro go on her trip with no-face man who actually represent her friends, her emotion, her desire or something outside. During the trip, there were lots of monster got on and off the train. I think the monster means everyone Chihiro may meet through her life, they are all passer-by, who are important, and unimportant as meanwhile. I know its inexplicable, but think it. Is there anyone you treasure him/her very much, but with the time pass by, they still leave you and you have no choice but accept? The story on the sea train tell us a truth that you must learn how to accept the loss if you wanna grow up. I know its cruel but life is such a thing like this.

Which impressed me a lot is the back-ground music made by Joe Hisaishi. During the train travel through the life sea, the melodious and comfortable music fondled the picture, like summer breeze blow over the whiny world. Everything around audience became soft and gentle. The music endow the film a totally new life, make it became more harmonious. I watched a lot of anime before, and few of them could me think that how the music can be so suitable if director put them here. However, Spirited Away made it. To this day, I can even imagine the picture that I’m stand on the sea and feel the summer train pass away when I hear the back-ground music, That Summer.

On account of length of a piece of writing, I can not share every part I love in the film. So I choose my favourite scene as part I recital. There is no doubt that Spirited Away is one of the most great films during last 30 years, and I hope more and more people can get to it and find the meaning of growing up by themselves.

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