The nobody-cares plastic greenhouse

Before I participated in the Melbourne Film Festival 2018, I was very interested in the filming of “burning”, because the film was adapted from the work of a famous writer, Haruki Murakami, “burning room.” Since the film was completed, it has been paid attention to, and even some netizens said: “Movies are often difficult to transcend literature, but this time probably exceeds” such words to express their love for this movie. Although this film did not receive a particularly high honor at the International Film Festival, I am very excited to have this film on display at the Melbourne Film Festival.
The day I went to the cinema was a weekend so the people watching the movie would be more than usual. I found a comfortable place with my friend and sat quietly waiting for the movie to start. When I watched the entire movie, my heart began to burn with the flames of the movie.

It is a mood that is difficult to express. I am completely depressed by the emotions,The film’s director, Lee Chang-dong, is really a person who is very accurate about the atmosphere. There are many blanks in the whole movie that are enough for the audience to think and feel. The film tells the emotional entanglement between the three young people, but it is not only the emotional entanglement but also the dialogue between the two classes. The lead actress is a single female who lives along with a cat, no one cares about her. At the end of the story, she was killed as a plastic greenhouse that nobody cares about, burned, and disappeared silently into the world. For those who have money and power, this is just a game for them, and life is even more meaningless. At the end of the movie, in order to revenge, Jong-Su killed the ben, who treat Hae-mi and other girls as rubbishes, And Ben also got relief from his life in the process of death. He was holding Jong-Su and his face finally showed a relaxed smile. Both Jong-su and Hae-mi belong to the marginalized people in the film, at the bottom of society, the world is like a riddle, and they can’t guess. They are like plastic sheds that nobody cares about, and no one worries even if they are burned. The whole world may only Jong-su loves Hae-mi, so after knowing that the Hae-mi was killed, he lost his only belief, lost the reason to continue to live. In this movie, everything has other meanings. Plastic greenhouses are not just plastic greenhouses, and people are no longer human. meanwhile, the three stars of the film dedicated themselves to the character, you can see some of your own emotions from their eyes and behavior.
Everyone is a hungry person, everyone is a lonely person. This kind of loneliness runs through the whole movie, turns into a burning flame, and slowly turns to ashes.

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