The Understanding of SIFF

The Shanghai International Film Festival is one of the first 15 international A-class film festivals in the world to be recognized by the International Film Producers Association. The purpose of the festival is to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the film industry in various countries and regions, and to promote the prosperity of the world’s film art. The Shanghai Film Festival has become an important landscape of Shanghai’s cultural life. The film festival presents and encourages the creation of diverse art. Since its establishment, it has rapidly improved its professional structure and services, and its social influence. It has been hailed as “the fastest growing international film festival in the world”. The opening ceremony of the Shanghai International Film Festival is not only a gathering of famous filmmakers from all over the world, but also the latest appearance of the Chinese film industry. It has become the best window to showcase the power of Chinese film in the year. More and more filmmakers have taken the Shanghai Film Festival as an important film promotion opportunity.


The existence of the Shanghai Film Festival, first of all, highlights the value and significance of cultural exchanges. Through the selection and evaluation of multi-national films, the Shanghai Film Festival has brought more countries’ films into China, opening a window in front of the Chinese audience with films of artistic and humanistic features. It is a close contact between Chinese audiences and exotic films of various types, ethnic characteristics and regional customs. Compared with the introduction of foreign films, the film festival pays more attention to domestic films, which is the focus and characteristics of the Shanghai Film Festival. In the current Chinese film market is not strong enough, the international influence of Chinese film is still very weak, this kind of promotion is necessary. From this perspective, the Shanghai Film Festival has indeed played an irreplaceable role in promoting the development of Chinese film and promoting the exchange of film culture at home and abroad. Of course, this bias towards domestically produced films may also be partly responsible for the lack of clarity in the positioning of the Shanghai Film Festival and the lack of internationalism.

With the gradual prosperity of the Chinese film industry and the increasing international awareness and contact with Chinese films, the international positioning and domestic role of the Shanghai Film Festival will become clearer. In addition to the international exchange of film culture and the significance and value of cooperation, the Shanghai Film Festival also bears the responsibility of demonstrating the soft power of Chinese culture. As an important resource and component of the national cultural soft power, the film is the most powerful cross-cultural medium, mainly fulfilling the diplomatic function in the cultural field, and is the most powerful means to obtain universal recognition. The significance of the festival is not limited to this. From the details, it also has the role of fostering new people, promoting cooperation and communication, and enhancing the cultural character and artistic quality of the film. Since its inception, the Shanghai Film Festival has been continually exploring, improving and strengthening its cultural significance and value.


Wee, B. 2012, “Highlights from the Shanghai International Film Festival 2012”, Kinema, , no. 38, pp. 107-110.

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