Some Words to Say About the MIFF

MIFF was my first film festival to watch, and before that I knew about the film festival just on TV or in magazines. This experience is groundbreaking for me and I have some words to say about this film festival.
According to de past information I Knew That MIFF is the first film festival in Australia, and it is held in Melbourne every year for two weeks. It has been 66 years since its founding in 1952. For my experience, MIFF is different from the most famous internationally known film festivals, which put a lot of money into propaganda. I saw the purpose of the MIFF is to exchange  the different cultures which from different movies of different countries and it provides a good viewing platform for those who really love excellent movies. Throughout all the participating movies, we rarely see flamboyant high-cost commercial movies. It is not difficult to find that watching movies at a film festival is very different from watching movies in a cinema. In this era of maximum business interests, the filming rate of cinemas is linked to the profits generated by movies released in the current market, so it is different to provide a broad display platform and market for some excellent movies with low costs. I was fortunate enough to watch the Japanese movie “The Thief Family” at MIFF. This Asian movie won the Palme d’Or at the 71st  Cannes Film Festival, which was filmed by the famous Japanese contemporary director, Yuki Yu.

There is no exaggerated soundtrack and exaggerated film special effects in the whole movie, the whole precess of watching this movie is more like listening to the old man telling a warm and bleak story. This story is about a family of six people who are not related to blood.  The beginning of the movie begins with a seemingly normal family who finds a lonely abused little girl,the father of the family discovered and took a little girl home,after other family members agree, they leave the girl as a new family member. The little girl as primer to slowly unveil the story of a family that is not normal. The director  gave the audience a very deep lesson about humanity  with a family story that seemed to be warm and dull. These six family members have their own backgrounds and  stories behind them, and it is the same unfortunate fate that they unwitting walk together. Personally, I think this movie is more about exploring a relationship between people, the six family members are the acronyms of the six types of people in this social society. The grandmother who provide her pensions to support the whole family’ living, an infertile mother, a father who had no regular job and had to steal to feed this whole family, a sister who leaves the wealthy family, and a little sister who is abused by her mother. They are the family they choose, and from a moral point of view, theft is definitely the wrong thing, but they support each other, understand each other even better than their blood relatives. There are three fragments in this film that I am most moved. The first fragment is that grandma is watching the family play in the distance by the sea, and faintly said “Thank you”. The second is that father was educated by the police, why he teach children to steal? The father’s eyes showed helplessness and despair. He whispered that he just wanted to teach his children all the skills he can. The last fragment is after the mother was caught by the police, the police asked her” Just because you can not have children, are you going to steal other people’s children?” The complex expression on  mother’s face, as if she did not know if she was doing something wrong. The whole movie narrative is flat but directly hits the hearts of the people. It demonstrates the multifaceted nature of humanity from an extreme perspective and reveals the complexity and plasticity of the relationship between people. It is a good film worth watching and pondering over.

The real meaning of the festival is not a red carpet but a platform for good movies. I saw a good movie here, I think it is enough.

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