MIFF in Melbourne city

Melbourne film festival is one of the important entertainment activity for people in Australia even the whole world film fans. During the festival, there are hundreds of films showing at  the cinema of Melbourne. At that period, people can buy the ticket online and join the film festival and have opportunities to communicate with the directors and the actors.


Personally, I have no experience of any film festival that this is the first time to join in a film festival. To my surprise, there are not all commercial film. Most of the film are the small mass film. As the purpose of the MIFF, through the film, we will become close with the society. during the film festival, there are lots of documentaries shows the social issues. At the same time, the film festival provides more opportunities for the beginner directors to show their film and the catch the attention of the audience.



As we can see on the official website of MIFF, the mission of the MIFF is ‘bring to you the story of the world through curated and unforgettable screen experience’. If you research on the MIFF, there are lots of films from different countries for you to choose from. Some of them are old film and not easy to watch, the film festival provides the chance for the fan of the film to watch these films. These films are different concepts, under different cultural background and different means of artistic expression. For the audience, this is the best chance to know about their favorite concept of the film and know various cultures all over the world.


Melbourne film festival already has about 66 years of history that it has good management, high performance, and reputation all over the world. As one of the world oldest film all over the world, it is a good platform for the filmmakers to show their products. For Melbourne city, the success of the film festival is generating both social and economic capital for Melbourne and Victoria. With the hold of the festival, there will be more people come to Melbourne and know about this city. At the same time, there are lots of film producer from Australia, which means this is a good way to increase the development of the film industry of Australia.


Overall, the film festival is a unique way for Melbourne to get more attention. As the film industry has a rapid development all over the world, hold a film festival providing a platform for the producers to show their films. For the Melbourne city, during the film festival, there are lots of the audience go to the cinema to watch their interest films and attendance at the festival. Not only an approach to earn money, the film festival let the film culture of Melbourne deeper. The 2018 MIFF is over now. However, there will be more and more interest film showed on the next MIFF. At the same time, the influence of the film festival will let more director bring their film to the festival and provide more choice for the audience.`


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