An Amazing Journey to MIFF

If you are obsessed with everything about movies like me, then I would like to recommend you this exclusive guide to the Melbourne International Film Festival,

The Melbourne International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Australia and one of the earliest film festivals in the world. It is certainly a symbolic event in Melbourne. Founded in 1952, it is one of the oldest film festivals in the world. Like many well-known film festivals, MIFF annually shows excellent films from all around the world and from home. This is not only a grand event for filmmakers, but also a carnival for every ordinary person to discover art and explore life. You will have the opportunity to enjoy master films from around the world on the big screen. Australian films, feminist films, experimental films, musicals, crime films, cartoons, short films, children’s films, documentaries… You will definitely discover a lot of unknown movie treasures, or watch entries from famous short film competitions.

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During this film festival, I was so pleasured to see a documentary film called Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley. The story happens at Kimberley where the pristine environment is threatened by the mega-mining and pastoral developments. However, this kind of development not only do harm to the environment, but also have adverse influence on the 200 indigenous communities in Kimberley.

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Apparently, the governments want to make Kimberley “the future economic powerhouse of Australia”. However, this is questioned by Kimberley Traditional Owners -Albert Wiggan and academic expert Dr Anne Poelina. With so many aboriginal people living in this land, there is a need for the local custodians to think about what these people mean to the lands and cultures of Kimberley, and what pressures they are facing with when their home is currently experiencing such a rapid development. From my perspective, tales from the Kimberley reveals the contradiction between the indigenous people and the governments. To be specific, the indigenous want to keep the homelands while thegovernments push their home into rapid development process. Hence, people there are worried about the environment and their children who may leave their communities.

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Although it is an Australian story, it has international influence. Thanks to the Festival, I was given this opportunity to know about the story of Kimberley and know about the people who are fighting for their homelands.


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