The role of international film festival

Every year, the international film festival is a great event in the film industry, bringing together many elites. In the context of globalization, the international film festival has built a bridge that communicates artistic ideas and creative ideas from all over the world. Its significance has already gone beyond the high-profile catwalks on the red carpet and the front-page news of major media and its value is moving towards diversification. So, what is the meaning of the international film festival or what can it bring?

First, I think that the international film festival facilitates global cultural exchanges and collisions. The international film festival is a grand event for global media professionals, such as outstanding producers, directors, actors, judges, film lovers, filmmakers, buyers, film investors, various funds, film associations, and journalists. These participators gathered together and make the different culture to meet, collide and fuse in a variety of forms. If the media professional of various countries are representatives of their own culture, then the culture of the film festival itself is the spokesperson of the culture of the host city. Early planning of the film festival, the mid-term operation or the later promotion, all aspects include the shadow of the city. For example, the Cannes and Venice International Film Festival both have chosen coastal cities, where the city has a strong cultural atmosphere, beautiful environment, and mature economy and tourism. These open and artistic urban images have paved the way for the brand positioning and style of the film festival itself.

Second, the international film festival also has high commercial value.  International film festivals, especially the long-established, world-renowned film festivals such as Cannes, Venice, and the Oscar International Film Festival, are a barometer of the global film market, directly or indirectly reflecting the current state of the international film market and production orientation, competition patterns and industry weaknesses. For the collection of participating films, old film festivals usually send people to some of the major film producing countries to select films, these people produce a film selection program, have in-depth negotiation with film schools and film production companies in these countries and establish a good relationship with independent filmmakers. The results of each film selection session and the film shown are a summary of the film performance of the previous year, providing a reference indicator for the filmmaker to grasp the film market as a whole.

In addition, films are capital-consuming industries and as global production costs increase, so does the cost of film. How to find a fund provider in a new environment is a pressing need for all filmmakers to solve. First of all, for the new filmmakers, in addition to the role of expanding the popularity a, the festival can also find a source of funding for themselves. For film directors, there may be no awards for the works, but if they have a special potential, they can get creation funding from other sources. For example, the Shanghai International Film Festival has set up a “Co-FPC” section to collect programs worldwide and invites investors, producers and distributors to provide more channels and opportunities for international programs and capital to enter China, for full cooperation between Chinese film industry and the international industry.

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