The First Experience in MIFF

The Melbourne International Film Festival was established in 1952 which is a non-profit organization and this year will be held from 2nd -19th August. As the official website claimed that “the story of the film in Melbourne could not be written without MIFF”, it illustrates its status and importance. The first movie I saw during the MIFF is a documentary which named “Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley”. It is also the first time I took part in a film festival. The film is a documentary but never heard from advertising. The movie theatre is not big, but it is full of people and even the office worker stands at the back of the seat to watch. Everyone focuses on the screen and keep silence.

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The film talks about the threat from the government come to the Kimberley region which includes the plundering of land, overdeveloped and raising livestock without permission of the local people. The director records what happened from the aspect of the local people and the attitude of the official government. Although it is a documentary, it can reflect to the target audience and connect to the government. It is also full of laughing and preciseness. The mood of the audience changes with the changing of the plots, the audience will smile after listening to the producer humorous vocabulary and keep quiet when listening to the experience of the suffering. It allows me to understand not only the popular film will participate the MIFF but some meaningful films.

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(Image credit:–tales-from-the-kimberley-2018/34225/)

As I do not know the process of the MIFF, I was surprised that the four producers came to the front of the stage and talked about their thoughts towards this film which likes to communicate with us and asks us to understand deeply. After listening to their speaking, I realized that the MIFF products the significant impact on the film. Most people may take part in the MIFF due to its frame, but they will also lose themselves in the film which selected by the producer of the MIFF. Then, producing the impression to the people and the film obtains the high evaluation. The film I saw “Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley” is a good example, although it is not famous, the MIFF assist to advertising it and increasing people will watch it which will cause the impression. People will concentrate on the things happened in the Kimberley and provide the assistant to the local people. The government may realize the requirements of the local people and give the suitable solution.


This semester we need to organize a film festival as an assessment. From this experience in MIFF of Melbourne, I study more information and know what we need to focus when we prepare our film festival. Firstly, finding the suitable place that people can enjoy the film. Secondly, ensuring the price of the film festival that people have the ability to afford it. Thirdly, we need to arrange the consultant and receptionist to control order. I will apply these skills in our assessment. Fourth, the most important part is to select the theme and choose the relevant films.



MIFF 2018. (2018). MIFF 2018 | About Us. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Aug. 2018].






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