What is the impact of the film festival on the film industry?

Relative to the attention of the film industry in various countries to the international film festival awards such as Cannes and Venice, the domestic film festival awards have been faint. The world-class film festivals have a very long and professional tradition of awards. Each year, the world’s top filmmakers are gathered, and outstanding works are selected among many participating films in strict accordance with the standards and spirit of each film festival. Such awards are highly credible and will undoubtedly have a major impact on the announcement and trading of award-winning films, and  also highly attractive to filmmakers.



The International Film Festival is actually a collection of cultural media, and the values conveyed by movies and movies can be spread through the festival. For art films, the introduction of the film festival can help the film get more distribution channels. In the world movie map, Hollywood has the influence of signature style, which is the vane of the development of the film industry. Its film concept, method, and skill and mature mechanism, as a constantly developing and perfect film paradigm and key elements, lead the development direction of the world film industry, and become a strong and unique color of the popular culture of the times. Compared with the avant-garde thoughts and gestures of the European Film Festival, the meaning of the movie market, the film industry and the movie audience behind Hollywood is more important.



Impact on the film industry:

The first is the impact on the local film industry. The birth of the film festival was first given the expectation of promoting and stimulating the local film industry in each host country. The film festival’s affirmation of local films and the attention and communication opportunities brought to the venue are the driving force behind the development of the local film industry.

Second is the promotion of world film culture exchange and trade. The emergence of more and more international film festivals indicates that the film industry has an increasing demand for exchanges between countries on a global range. During the exhibition, people can see international movies that they can’t see at home. Through this kind of cultural exchange and exchange, they can deepen their understanding of the development of the film industry in various countries.

In addition to the exchange of information, the festival also has a real trading market, which provides a very good platform for filmmakers, where they can get to know more people in the industry and find opportunities for overseas distribution for their work. Also,it will create other profitable channels besides the local box office.

At the same time, the participating film dealers can prejudge the future market according to the price of the market transaction, such as the difficulty level, etc., adjust the type of film production, and formulate a new sales plan. From the macroscopic perspective, film energy saving has greatly promoted the development of urban industrial chain. The film festival involves local tourism, hotels, restaurants, transportation and other aspects, which can increase employment opportunities and generate huge economic benefits.

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