What is love,wild love


“Beautifully unsettling, poetic and dazzling, simultaneously dark and radiant, Ash is Purest White will surely count as one of Jia Zhang-ke’s greatest films.” – Le Monde

Ash Is Purest White,this film is about how Liao Fan’s Bin Ge handles the debt disputes between his brothers, the silent spiritual battle between the three men, the description of more than a hundred words in short, which makes me itch, just want him to make the film quickly. After watching the movie, he finally got the hang of it. The opening scene was as he had described it before. It was like a cold, calm iceberg under the water, huge and ferocious. It was like an unknown undercurrent underneath the calm sea, with the possibility of an unimaginable unknown.

But although I knew the beginning, I did not guess the end. More than a year ago, the director also talked about the end of his conceptual film, Zhao Tao plays the ingenuity, how to sit alone in the living room on the supposed lively New Year’s Eve, a person to drink “all over the world”, the camera shook up the living room hanging a plaque, the four characters on the book “fate”. It was a very dramatic and stylistic ending, but what I saw in the film was quite different – the director used a more creative and meaningful form of expression in the actual shooting, completely replacing the original idea of a beautiful ending, but also endowed the film with advancement. One step ahead of the new brilliance of the inherent vision and style of my previous works.


This end is also a twists and turns from the Jianghu road to the children’s affection. I thought the movie was about rivers and lakes, but it was about children; I thought the story was about the magic of money, but it was about the power of love.

Bin Ge, a young man in a small town in Shanxi Province, was laid off from a machine repair factory. He took a group of brothers to drive a taxi company, open a dance hall, open a mahjong hall, make police friends and eat a social meal. The daughter of the leader before the mining area is a woman who is a big brother. She likes dancing and longing for family. She said, I am not a man on rivers and lakes. But in a sudden street fight, in order to protect his dying brother Bin, he happened to shoot, the original scenery of life completely changed, a woman who only wanted to stay away from the river, adhere to love, accept fate, into the real world beyond her imagination. Time passes, time changes, thieves, cheaters, adulterers, sex wolves, loyalty, betrayal, meet, farewell… All of this was performed one by one on the stage of her later life. This once pure and kind little woman, who had spent more than ten years in a violent love affair, was really a quiet, resolute and courageous child, and finally returned to the starting point of her love.



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