Two aspects about a film festival

Selection of sites is important to a film festival. Most famous international film festivals prefer to choose developed international cities, which are well known among the world, like Shanghai international film festival. In the city, a festival prefers to choose some advantageous position with dense flow of people, convenient in traffic, so it can attract more attention. How will audiences get to the venue is a point which a film festival needs to consider. Melbourne international film festival is celebrated all across, with films shown in various venues all across the CBD. Some of the more popular venues include the Forum Theatre, the Victorian Arts Centre. These venues are all in the City Loop and most of them are not far from each other. There are many elections of transportation around, so audiences can easily get there. According to my experience in the MIFF, many participants watched more than one films within one day and some of films are not in the same theatre. These selections of venues made audiences don’ t need to walk too long and help them focus more on the film itself.


Another aspect of film festival needs to be paid attention to is staff hiring, especially volunteers. Volunteers always take on significant role in a film festival. A part of volunteers have related professional background, but some may take part in a festival just for interests or would like to own a study opportunity. Take Melbourne for an example, a lot of volunteers engaged for the festival, generally being engaged as ushers, ticket scanners, queue managers and information staff. To be film festival volunteers, one basic requirement is that they are able to own the ability to communicate with the general public in a friendly and professional manner. When I met volunteers in MIFF, they all have great manners and made me have better experience of the film festival. As soon as entered the theatre, volunteers with yellow T-shirts came to ask whether I came to attend the film festival and which film I was going to watch at that day. All volunteers are so welcoming that made me feel I just arrived at their home. They are very friendly and patient. I could ask them any question without shyness. They took me to the showroom and taught me how to use the machine to scan my ticket. Then I could have aseat and wait for the film. Volunteers are one of most important members during the film festival. Their cooperation is the guarantee of a successful film festival.



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