Think after watching films in Melbourne International Film Festival

Last week, Melbourne International Film Festival ended on 19th August. The films finished, the event ended, but things inspired by those films are kept by every audience, these things are brought into audiences by different films, but they are a much bigger world than what films presented. MIFF is my first time experiencing a film festival, it is an enjoyable and special experience. Those films bring me to a boarder film word, I have been taught to look at the word from different angles, and my thought on my life was influenced.

Films festivals brings a diverse range of films to the audience. They will fit everyone’s taste. The films in competition are from different countries, even films are different languages, it won’t affect audience’s interest and passion. There are films about loves, reality, journey, equality and etc. There were tragic and happy stories. A big film world present to audience from different directors and actors’ perspectives.  Audiences will able to see and understand different views of a scenario. This is one of the biggest reasons why film festivals are so popular. Film directors and film makers, as competitors, they join the film festivals to figure out whether the direction they choose in film making process is well-accepted by others in the film industry, while every competitor learned from other’s pierce of work as well. At the same time, audiences in the film festival had a great chance to watch every best pierce of work from each talent directors.

Meanwhile, some of those films may blow your mind of films or even your mind of your world view. I was lucky to have a chance to watch the movie called UNDERMINED: TALES FROM THE KIMBERLEY alongside with the film directors and actors. It is a documentary, and it present a beautiful land called The Kimberley and deeply discussion on development of aboriginal’s home land from both government and indigenous people’s perspectives. It shows us what sadly happened on indigenous people who has lived in The Kimberley Land for long generations after government’s decision on developing their land. Unfairness and injustice are everywhere in the screen. What this film brings to me is an absolutely new world. Although the story is happened on the other side of the country, but we had no idea about what happened in the Kimberley until we saw the movie.  While I was watching the film, it reminds another film called The Motorcycle Diaries, without watching the film The Motorcycle Diaries, I will never know what happened to South American’s farmers and disadvantaged groups. The two films are telling two totally different stories, but both of them are appealing one same thing, social justice. We audiences, most of us lived in peace and relatively fair environment, we need to think about few questions after watching the films; what the film try to tell us; what the film is appealing for; and what we can do? It is interesting that after the film, during the Q & A program, there is no audience ask the question about beautiful scene taking techniques or any other questions about film skills and etc, audience cares more about the story. This is something special about the films in the film festival.  The films not only use techniques to presents you animation that makes fell familiar, but they tell audiences stories and take them into a bigger world.The kimberly

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