The Temptation to Sensitive Topics Is A Wake-up Call to Social Conscience

During this film festival in Melbourne, I was so confused that I don’t know which film could be the first one to be booked. After considering for a while, I decided that ” Angels Wear White” could be the most suitable one to begin with.p2503644830

In the movie, Zhang Xinxin’s father is the subordinate of the perpetrator Liu, who asked his daughter to recognize the other person’s work. After the sexual assault, in order to “think” for her daughter, for her not to make irresponsible remarks, for her future, they decided to choose silence. In this way, a compensation can be obtained from President Liu and replaced by a private school. As long as they do not pursue it, the daughter is “innocent” and can be regarded as having no sexual assault. It is even more indignant to see the audience here, but as a victimized family, it takes great courage to face it all and fight it. They want to confront not only the upper class forces, but also the public opinion pressure brought about by the large-scale exposure of the incident.

Meng Xiaowen’s father accepted the media’s interview and expressed his true thoughts. He was asked by the workplace to sign a letter of commitment to ensure that he no longer “deviled and confused”. The unit leader said to him: “It must be expressed according to law.” But as a fart, what is the way to express according to law, which could be a long judicial process?

We have to go back to the “three primary colors” kindergarten child abuse case. We have seen the indignation of the people, even the chaos or the lack of remarks based on no source. At this time, someone called for reason and told everyone not to spread the rumors. In a country with a sound judicial system, we may be able to believe in the so-called procedural justice, but in the current loss of public authority, we have to push the event to the public topic field through public opinion.

The Korean film “The Crucible” once created such a miracle. The violent incident of a student of a deaf-mute disabled school in Gwangju was disassembled into a movie six years later. The network 10,000 people signed a request to restart the investigation. Six days after the film was released, Gwangju Police set up a task force to re-investigate the case. During the period, the public requested to increase the sentencing standard of sexual assault cases. Since the period of prosecution of the suspects involved has passed, the public has called for the abolition of the prosecution period. Thirty-seven days after the film was released, the South Korean National Assembly overwhelmingly passed the “Sexual Infringement Prevention Amendment”. Another name for this amendment is called “The Crucible Method.” The amendment not only raised the sentencing to the most serious and life imprisonment, but also abolished the public prosecution period. If the perpetrator is employed in a welfare institution or a special education unit, the punishment will be aggravated. The new law was implemented seven years after the first exposure of Gwangju sexual violence.p2508534879

This is a victory for public opinion. We have to admit that South Korea’s openness to freedom of speech is indeed high. The national filming of the film “Angels Wear White” is a small step. Perhaps the movie is not as intense as the Crucible. It is even a little cautious and wary, but it is a successful test of sensitive social topics. Even if the film may be flawed, its social value cannot be ignored.

Comparing with “The Crucible”, the specific emotion that I have after watching is totally different. I felt so sad and disappointed with “The Crucible”, while feeling helpless with the situation in “Angels Wear White”. It’s definitely the time that we should think about the protection on the adolescence and the correction of the mental distortion in the real world.

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