The significance of participating in the international film festival

The international film festival is a grand event for the exhibition of film art and technology achievements from all over the world. Film festivals usually set up an international evaluation committee to make choice for the participate films, award prizes both for films and their authors (including directors, screenwriters, actors, photographers, composers, editors, costumes, artists, special effects, etc.). International Film Festival held great significance to the development of world film.


More and more international film festivals around the world are constantly emerging. For the director and the film, the film festival is meaningful, or is it just a waste of money? From the content and form of the film festival to say, it is multifarious. In addition to the red carpet and awards, there are many different modules in the festival. For the public, the film festival is a feast for watching movies. But for film and the director, it will be the best way to do an international exchange in the film industry.


As a director, attending the International Film Festival can gain popularity and increase box office. As a movie actor, the festival can increase exposure of themselves. These are all the values brought by the film festival. However, the most important significance of the International Film Festival is to provide a platform for communication. This platform is fair and open, dedicated to showing the style of different film works, discovering and tapping potential people, things and items. In this way, the participators will exchange topics which about the film industry and affirm the results that are obvious to all. Ultimately, the entire industry is moving in a positive direction.


And, the true value of a film is not whether it is popular or not. The most popularity literature does not mean that it is a real literature. The existence of the film festival allows more film which are not concerned by the public to find people who truly understand it. Like the words said, “The next Bob Dylan will be very different from Bob Dylan”. Film allows more possibilities to be presented.


The Venice Film Festival in Italy is one of the most well-known and most internationally recognized film festivals. As the earliest international film festival, its intent is to improve the industry, explore and encourage industry innovation. At the same time, the significance of the festival will be reflected in politics. Just like the Venice Film Festival, it does serve politics directly; and the Cannes Film Festival is also held because of its opposition to the theme of fascism; not to mention the Berlin Film Festival has the strongest political inclination since its inception. So, the international film festival has a very important role: to form an industry consensus. This consensus will affect the participants and audiences who influence all aspects of the film.


Therefore, participate in the International Film Festival has great significance. This is not only for films and directors, but also for every general public.

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