The Film Festival is an Important Economic Event

In a sense, the influence of the film festival is the influence of a national film industry; it is necessary to have an international film festival. From the perspective of artistic creation, the number of films produced in any country and the box office of a film is not as strong as the word of mouth of a film festival. Today, every film power country basically has a representative film festival. As Shiel and Fitzoaurice (2008) point, “A week doesn’t go by these days without some city somewhere in the world staging its own international film festival”. By making the film festival as a “business card” for the film industry, it can gather more film resources and promote the development of the film industry. Activities in Berlin, Honolulu, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Toronto and Venice offer some of the most obvious precision points in cross-cultural film exhibitions and sprawling maps. From one city to another city, from one country to another country, connect exciting and emergent film industries with the international traffic in cinema (Shiel and Fitzoaurice, 2008, p. 134).


The film festival promotes itself as a city-focused event (Peranson, 2008, p.37). The festival is like a city label. After it is held, it will naturally win more attention for the city, at least in the tourism economy. Peranson (2008) points out that ticket prices for film festivals are usually lower than regular show prices. The festival brings tourists to the city, bringing income to the national film industry and bringing the national film culture to the world film system (Shiel and Fitzoaurice, 2008, p. 134). Using Cannes as a case study, in addition to the unique geographical conditions, Cannes has benefited more from the tourism effects and economic income generated by the previous Cannes Film Festival. Cannes has grown from a regular fishing port town in the south of France to a famous European tourist destination through the Cannes Film Festival. Cannes attracts millions of  visitors every year; especially at the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes attracts at least 60,000 filmmakers and 200,000 visitors. The increase in population brings huge consumption, employment, and service opportunities. The hotel industry is one of the most profitable industries;the film festival has driven the surrounding hotel accommodation. At the end of a film festival, at least 15% of the annual revenue of the local hotel industry is completed. At the same time, large tourism traffic has driven the development of the catering industry. Although the Cannes area is not large, there are many restaurants with Mediterranean dishes. Moreover, the film festival is a grand event that can directly create many jobs. The Cannes Film Festival is not only the window of the city image of Cannes but also drive the economic development of the city.


In addition to experiencing the film festival, the proliferation of the virtual festival experience can also drive the development of the city economy (Shiel and Fitzoaurice, 2008, p. 142). For example, selling DVDs of film festivals, or selling products related to the festival, it has driven the development of the urban economy from another aspect. A star-studded film festival that attracts global attention is not only a grand cultural event but also an important economic event.


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