The difference between MIFF and SIFF (Two)

Another difference between SIFF and MIFF is the aspect of marketing and business. Apparently, these two have the similarity that they all face to general audience. The festival distribute films to diiferent cinemas and audience can easily purchase tickets online through APP and website. However, since the SIFF is an interntonal film festival, the scale of cinemas are quite large. According to the SIFF website, around 60-70 cinemas in Shanghai are co-operating with the SIFF and the income are huge. While up to 10-20 cinemas in MIFF display films that participate in the film festival.


Also, in terms of marketing, these two feature digital media platforms as their major basement. The major marketing platform of SIFF is Weibo and Wechat, while the MIFF promote their events on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their website. It is partly due to the user habits as well as the social media scenes between China and Australia. However, the interaction of social media platforms of the MIFF is more active than the SIFF. One of my deepest impression of MIFF is that they display the real-time comment and sharing of twitters before every movie. While this activity illustrates that the MIFF is willing to embrace every audience and try to engage them. However, the social media of the SIFF is just a platform where the festival releases their news as well as schedules. Rarely, the interaction are operated by these platforms. While these two differences may also shows the missions of SIFF and MIFF.


The real time comments before the movie Mirai

The last difference I want to talk about is the volunteers crew. I have interviewed a volunteer on the August 19, after the movie called People’s Republic of Desire. He told me that, as he knew, the major volunteers crew of MIFF is reception crew. Their main mission is to check tickets, preserve order in and out venues and operate customer service. Most of them are students in the university. By contrast, the SIFF has a large volunteer crew that includes subtitle translator, subtitle operators ( manually add the subtitle to the film in cinemas ) and reception crews. However, the main mission of reception crew of the SIFF is to receive guests and film-related staff in the openning and ending ceremonies. Rarely, volunteers are distributed to different venues to check tickets and do customer service. Also, the subtitle translation works are partly jobs for volunteers of SIFF. I assume that this is due to the different culture between Australia and China. Most of the films in the world are English, while audience in China has the need to have Chinese subtitles. Also, the large scale subtitle translator crew may demonstrate that the SIFF invites a wide range of films from different countries and languages. Another interesting point of MIFF is that, as the volunteer said, they would work with the staff in cinemas ( and in my case, the staff is from the HOYTS Melbourne Central ) to do some tickets checking and cleaning up together.

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