The culture value of MIFF

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) has broad appeal among many movie fans as an annual event. The meaning of MIFF is not only movie showings but also have mutil-dimension value. Especially, Hollywood movie has become the largest and most dominant entertainment industry all around the world, and its cultural exports have occupied a position of strategic importance. MIFF has provided a platform for artists for exchanging ideas and creative concept. It also important to absorb the diverse culture and widely communication. The most significant purpose of a film festival is providing audiences with opportunities to enjoy commercially unviable films projected in a communal space (Lauren 2017). On the other hand, MIFF also allows people to watch some movies that more communities, even the most cosmopolitan, otherwise would not have the opportunity to see.


The three most authoritative film festivals are the Festival de Cannes, Berlin International Film Festival, and Venice International Film Festival. These three festivals are called the Big Three. And these have the most authoritative jury. MIFF as the first and the longest running film festival in Australia, have established in 1952. As it gone, MIFF has become professionalized, and transform from community outings to fully commercial events with sponsorship. It has bridged a link between the art and business.
First of all, all the movies must have the correct politics consciousness which must fit with international politics stands. Because during the film festival, the world’s media need to propaganda the culture of the host city, as well as national cultural policy. It also a way of exporting national culture. Then, it is a good way to promote city culture. Both preliminary plannings, the operation of the medium-term and the summary, cannot without the support of a distinctive culture of this host city.
Secondary, Film Festival can provide a platform to film professional. They can communicate with others which from all over the world and learn advanced concepts and techniques. The jury will provide a reference index of the excellent film. On the other hand, some directors can collect the sponsor from the international platform and explore the international market.
Finally, another pleasure and fascination value of film festival is being part of collective spaces with communities of like-minded people. The immersive environments that festivals offer to place an emphasis on a film-going experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere and change the experience of and a spectator’s terms of engagement with the film itself. The film is the launchpad to these moments, which add up to the evenness of film festival and areas critical to the experience as the individual films themselves (Lauren 2017, p. 55).
Lauren, CH 2017, ‘Theorising film festivals as distributors and investigating the post-festival distribution of Australian films’, Studies in Australasian Cinema, vol. 11, no. 2, pp.46-58.

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