My first experience of attending a film festival

Though I am a film lover, I knew little about film festival before I choose this unit. In my imagination, film festival is an activity which has nothing to do with general public. The people who have the honour to be invited to attend a film festival are all the relevant professionals in the film industry including some famous actors and directors. I get the chance to really know about the film festival because of the unit-Film festival study tour. It also provides me a chance to attend the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) which is my first experience of attending a film festival. It means a lot for me.


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As a famous film festival in Melbourne, MIFF provides audience many films from all over the world even from Greece, Iran, Iceland or somewhere rarely known by most audiences. According to my experience of movie-watching during the process of MIFF, the films chosen by MIFF are all excellent films from various countries. Iordanova(2009) state that when take film festival as exhibition site, sending a great film to a festival is really an essential point, so one of the significant reasons to make MIFF a successful film festival is that it always focus on exhibiting excellent movies. In another words, the films in MIFF experience a strict selection to make sure that audience can watch high quality movies. Another thing makes me impressed is the Q&A sessions before and after the films. It is a precious opportunity for audience to communicate with the actors, producers and directors. I have watched several films in MIFF and ASH IS PUREST WHITE is my favorite one.

ASH IS PUREST WHITE is a Chinese movie. It is directed by Zhangke Jia who is one of my favorite Chinese directors. I felt so excited when MIFF provided me an opportunity to watch ASH IS PUREST WHITE because I have look forward to this movie for a long time. What surprised me is that during the process of watching the film, I found the film exceeded all my expectations. Over such a big time span from 2001 to 2018, Zhangke Jia shows the audience an epic love story and make the characters sharply etched. He tries to let foreign media and audience understand the meaning of JIANGHU. In addition, Zhangke Jia pays tribute to some of his past movies in this film.

Though it is my first time to attend such a film festival, it is a perfect experience for me. I enjoy my time during the process of attending MIFF. The experience also helps me to understand the content and meaning of film festival. Film festival really plays an important role in promoting the development of film industry.


Iordanova, D., 2009. The filmfestival circuit. Film festival yearbook 1: The festival circuit, pp.23-39.

MIFF information from Melbourne International Film Festival Official Website:


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