My film festival experience—to be a volunteer in ICFF

International Chinese Film Festival (ICFF) is one of the largest and most distinguished Chinese cultural events, and is held annually in Sydney and other major cities in the world. Every year, a number of Chinese films from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will selected to screen in Australia, and invites well-known filmmakers to participate in the festival. Since 2009, the International Chinese Film Festival has brought hundreds of outstanding Chinese film works to the Australian audience, and hundreds of thousands of people participated in this annual event.

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The sixth International Chinese Film Festival was presented with two stages in Sydney and Melbourne separately. I am very fortunate to be a volunteer to participate in this festival in Sydney,It was a special experience for me. In the past time, I can only learnt about film festival through TV and the Internet ,and never had a chance ,which made me so close to this event. In the early stages of preparation, we encountered a lot of difficulties,the first thing to solve is the site problem, because ICFF is a non-profit organization activity and had a limit funds,it’s expensive for us to rent a venue to do the event. Fortunately, we finally got a partnership with Australia’s theater operator , through providing Chinese movies to be shown in cinema. By using this method, we got to venue from the cinema.

Then the film festival was successfully held, the opening ceremony was held in Fox Studio Hoyts in Sydney while the award ceremony was showed in Crown Palladium in Melbourne. During the film festival, in addition to screening some mainstream movies, there is also shown literary films . Although it like common festival in china invited many famous star to attend and take the red carpet, Li Bingbing (an international film star), Grace Huang (a Hollywood Australia-born Chinese star) are invited to this film festival, But these celebrities have certainly attracted the attention of the public, so that more people have concerned about the Chinese Film Festival .

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Australia is a diverse country,the film festival also as a good bridge for culture communication, so it is especially important to hold such a film festival overseas. The purpose of ICFF is to promote Chinese films in global market, enhance the influence and recognition of in the world, and to enhance exchanges and cooperation between Chinese film industry professionals. The theme of 7th International Chinese Film Festival is “Australia-China co-production” which will focus on Australian and Chinese film industry collaboration, and developing co-production projects between two countries.

Many years ago , when I first came to Australia,it is hardly to see Chinese movies in Event and Hoyts cinemas, now more and more Chinese films released in Australia which make audiences have more choices .The ICFF has brought more than 100 top quality Chinese films to Australian screens, and It is still running in nowadays. Through this event, I had a new understanding of film festival and made an unforgettable impression on me.

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