How long will the awarded films come to common audience’s eyes?

In MIFF (Melbourne international film festival) their have a film attract me. This movie is “An Elephant Sitting Still”. I heard this movie in Berlin international film festival. The whole movie is 230 mins long. In the normal commercial movie, that is too long to see. As usual, most commercial movie is about 90-120 mins long and that is a good view experience for audience. The producer in Berlin Film Festival said this at the premiere. “This is probably the longest movie in the Berlin Film Festival.”


“The young director of suicide” is enough to become a huge gimmick.This movie tells four stories, each of them is independent but they also have association. Why the film is about 4 hours long because the the long shots used very good in the film. The long shoots could easy to let audience join in the environment and have common breath with actors. The image in the film most use the nature light. Actors and actress in the backlight environment nearly 2/3 times of the movie. The whole tone is very depressed.


In Berlin Film festival, when the film finished, they also prepare the interaction part Q&A. The audience’s questions were mainly focused on the extent to which the film reflected the original intention of the director, and finally whether it could be released in China. Three person asked questions, they all ask about the length of this film. One person in English asked that whole the 230-minute film is not in common, will it be this length when it is shown in China?

The producer said: “yes, no cuts.”

The other person ask that: “I really like some of the emotional climax in the ending and the film, but I feel that the climax is far from the end. Can you explain it slightly?”

The producer said that this is a special feature of the film.

The last person who asked questions in English very straightforwardly. I feel that the film is more pessimistic. Will such a movie be released in China?

The producer said that it will be released, and in China people could accept more film with arts. More importantly, in fact, this movie is ultimately about hope.

In the recent few years, some film which have a good evaluation on the film festival could show on the common cinema. People’s acceptance is higher for the movie which is not easy to understand. The movie “An Elephant Sitting Still” first shown in Berlin film festival and then shown in Hongkong, America, Korea, England and Australia. In different region have different evaluation for the same movie, because of the society culture, religion, economy…

But also some people do not want to pay the fee for a movie they could not easy to understand or very depressed. They like to see the commercial movie which have movie star or the story is funny and relaxable. That is why some movie have lots of award but do not have a good results in China.

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