Experience in MIFF and the purpose of film festival

This is my first time at the film festival. And this viewing experience is quite different from usual. First of all, in the aspect of cinema, the Regency Theatre is a historic building, which is a building with nearly 90 years of history. The luxury and historical sense of the Regency Cinema is not available in modern cinemas.

This image was taken before Shoplifters
When watching movie there is a lot of hustle and bustle so it can be difficult to take in the surroundings. However once seated inside the theatre you can enjoy the architectural features. I watched three movies during MIFF, which are Shoplifters, Burning and Ash Is Purest White. Among these three films, what impressed me the most is Shoplifters, which is the first film I watched in MIFF. This film was showed in regent theater, which is one of the significant part of Melbourne. At the start of this film, the staggered worker Osamu and his son Shota collaborated and stolen from the store. They brought Yuri, who was ignored by her mother to home. Osamu’s wife did not want to adopt Yuri. And she changed her mind after she knew that Yuri was abused by her parents. Yuri accepted that she was a member of this family in a short time. But her arrival catalyzed the fall of this family. Shoplifters is not to discuss the family, but to present the Japanese social problems through this family. The truth of this film is that every member of the family is abandoned by their original family. In the new restructured family, each member is working hard to play his or her role and believe in other members. Stealing food is the way to keep the family alive. And the love that comes from this piecemeal family is the driving force behind their survival.

15709032316shopliftestill                                                                           Shoplifters
As a platform-style existence, the festival has become a space for people to show cultural charm and release imagination. Various forms of culture are presented at the festival. The film festival attracts films, filmmakers, institutions and media from different countries and regions with an open mind. People who are active all over the world gather together because of the film festival. They exchange ideas and learn from each other. Almost every film festival promotes collisions between different cultures. For example, Japanese movies are good at exposing social issues. MIFF let more Australian know Japanese movie, which promotes collisions between eastern culture and western culture.

Because of its strong market effect and social benefits, the film festival can effectively adjust the supply and demand of movies, trigger industrial linkage. And effectively promote the process of movie market. Film festival become key part of the film industry. There are countless possibilities and opportunities in the film festival. Filmmakers and filmmakers hope to attract the widest possible attention in order to increase their popularity. The film festival provides filmmakers and institutions with a platform to showcase their products. And promote their work. And enabling them to gain more opportunities for collaboration and marketing opportunities from this platform.

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