Does the film festival increase the reputation of the host city?

The benefits of a film festival are shared by its producers, directors, audiences and the host city. It is evident that the film festival could bring high reputation to a director or a producer, but how does it make influences on a city? There are probably two possible relations between a city and a film festival, the city relies on the festival, or the festival relies on the city.

Cannes, the host city of Cannes international film festival, has a long-term compact relationship with the film industry. Each year, the Cannes international film festival attracts filmmakers from different nations to bring their films to the event and creates a unique festival phenomenon to its participants. Since the city has a long history of the film festival, more and more visitors come to Cannes with the reason of film festival. Therefore, the brand of Cannes is now becoming the Cannes international film festival. Cannes relies on the Cannes international film festival, but what about some film festivals which depend on their host cities?

Shanghai international film festival is another famous A-class international film festival around the world; it focuses on the market of eastern Asia, aiming to help young directors to achieve their career. Different from Cannes, festival organisers choose Shanghai as the host city is because of its different types of resources, it can help the film festival in many ways. For instance, Shanghai has a variety of different types of audience; it is convenient for filmmakers to collect useful information from them. In addition, Shanghai is an international city; filmmakers are willing to take part in a film festival in a big city rather than a small town so that they could meet more people to support their career.


It is not to say that one type of relations between the film festival and the host city is better than another. However, they have different aims, and sometimes it can be converted from one to another. Xining First International film festival changed its host city in 2011; this festival began in 2007 in Beijing as a paradise of student directors. After four years of progress, the organisers decided to change this festival into another city. Finally, they choose Xining as the host city. Xining is a small town in north-west China; it is famous for its splendid landscape, but the city is not highly developed, and there are not too much work opportunities. The local government and the film festival organisers decide to cooperate to attract more young filmmakers to show their films in Xining so that they could provide more work opportunities at the same time. Moreover, after seven years of successful annual events, Xining is now famous not only by its natural view but also by the film festival it holds. The local government knows that it is hard to establish an international film festival in a small city, they are willing to be the host city of an existed film festival. As a result, the film festival helps Xining to increase its economy and reputation. On the other hand, Xining provides a unique environment for the Xining First film festival.



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