Consideration about the Experience of Melbourne International Film Festival

Iordanova (2009) concluded that film festival as an alternative distribution network beyond Hollywood provide a new method for the distribution of new films and alternative films and take more important role in distribution chain. Melbourne international film festival is an important distribution method for Australian film industry. Melbourne international film festival (MIFF) was established in 1952, which is the first international film festival in Australia and the one of the most influential film festivals in the Southern Hemisphere. MIFF enhances the cooperation and communication between practitioners in Australian film industry and other countries film industries, which helps Australian film industry practitioners efficiently develop local film industry. The activities and workflow of MIFF generally follow the activities and workflows of most large international film festivals but make characteristic change on the basis of local culture. During around 18 days of MIFF, about three hundred films will be shown. The films shown in MIFF are divided into several different sessions according to different regions, release time and types even new film screening technology.

It is worth mentioning that, in 2018 MIFF, the organizers divide a special competitive session named ‘New Voice from China’ which contains the films directed by Chinese new young filmmakers. From my perspective, ‘New Voice from China’ session proves that Australian even other countries film industries practitioners begin to pay more attention to Chinese film industry and amplify cooperation and communication with Chinese film industry practitioners. Moreover, I have noticed that majority of the films showed in MIFF have been selected into some large international film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. In other words, the quality of the films showed in MIFF can be ensured.

The screening locations of MIFF mainly locate around CBD including cinemas and theaters. The tickets sales include online and offline two ways. Furthermore, when I bought tickets online, I found that the seats are random, which means that you have to go to the cinema or theater as early as possible. However, in Chinese film festival, the seats all can be selected online. So random seats selection is the point which I found in MIFF that is different with some Chinese film festivals.

Marijke de Valck (2016) noted that the film festival has already become a vital part in the international film culture, which is also helpful occasions and sites for us to understand film culture, film history, film industry, aesthetics, politic and more. Furthermore, with the development of film festival, global film festivals will attract more people to participate in the film industry to promote the development of the film insuatry.

de, VM, Kredell, B, & Loist, S (eds) 2016, Film Festivals : History, Theory, Method, Practice, Routledge: London.

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