An unforgettable memory in MIFF

Film already became an integral part of the living. Watching movies gives you  reason to think, imagine, guess and even visualize other’s perspective as yours. Films are made with proper screenplays succeed more than movies with intense stories, the way the cinematography creates a small imaginary world within 3 hours is a hidden art inside every films. Actually, film festival is a vital link in the chain of global film culture. The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is one of the oldest film festivals in the world, which was founded in 1952. It is an annual film festival held over three weeks in Melbourne. With over 68 different languages, of varying duration, styles such as psychedelic, experimental, documentary and historical, there’s plenty to choose from for the discerning film-lover. I’m grateful that I could take part in this festival. This is my second time to attend film festival, which is quit different to film festival I have been attended.

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Compared to the Chinese film festival, the MIFF has three main different. First, MIFF is not use star to draw public attention. In most Chinese film festivals, organizers would invite the current hit stars. However, some of them do not have any movie in selection and they were invited to join film festival as guests. Because organizers and star both need more exposure to obtain their benefit by attending film festivals. But in the MIFF, it is not a commercial activity and it is focus on developing Australian film industry, and promoting the cooperation between Australian filmmakers and foreign filmmakers. Secondly, Chinese cinephiles are short of choices for the movies they can watch in the Chinese film festival. This is because China’s Film Industry Promotion Law dedicated to boost the domestic movie industry, Chinese film festival asked to screen domestic movies for the time period of no less than two-third of all the screening hours. But in MIFF, cinephiles can exposure to films from all parts of the world, which more than 68 different languages received voted. The last main different is that some highly rated domestic movies may not attend the film festival. Because these film performed poorly in the box office, they have no qualify for the film festival. These movies usually have higher art value than the blockbusters, but they lack the money for publicity. But it is different in MIFF. For example, documentary Angels Wear White (8.3/10), An elephant Sitting Still (8.1/10) both shown in MIFF.

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(photo: an elephant sitting still)

In MIFF, the film I watched is a Chinese film called An elephant Sitting Still. This film began with a myth and ended up becoming a myth itself. Revolving around four characters shaken out of their small town stupor by an enigmatic tale about a lethargic pachyderm. This film obtained instant cult status among critics at the Berlinale, where it premiered in the Forum sidebar, because of the suicide of its 29-year-old novelist-turned-director Hu Bo last October. However, Elephant is not exactly the film maudit suggested by the difficult circumstances from which it emerged the self-consciously philosophical in parts. This story shows how protagonist are simply the consequence of an oppressive society weighed down by cynicism across generations and class.

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