Understanding of the film festival during the learning process

I was impressed by the last MIFF film festival, but I also realized that there are still many loopholes in my knowledge of the film festival. In order to better complete the film festival held by the group, I am constantly learning related knowledge. Through study, I am more and more fond of the film festival, and I am looking forward to the film festival held by us. I read the relevant literature of the film festival and I was more certain of the idea when I was in MIFF. First of all, the film that was shown at the festival was to showcase some non-mainstream excellent films, which can be seen by more people on this platform. Secondly, the movies played at the festival are not all English movies, and the types of films are also very diverse. Such films may only be released in a certain country or region. Playing such movies at a film festival can promote movies well. Cultural exchanges also give people the opportunity to experience the culture of other countries through these films. Finally, the festival is held all over the world and is held every year or every two years. It is a periodic ceremony with a fixed time. It is like a holiday. Therefore, the excellent movies of various countries have the chance to be released in other countries.

At the same time, I also learned about the history of the film festival. The first film festival was the Venice International Film Festival held in Venice, Italy in 1932. After the Second World War, the international film festival was gradually increasing from Europe to other continents. There are almost 700 different types of film festivals so far, and different film festivals are subdivided into four different types of ABCD. The types of movies shown in different types are also different. For example, Type A is competitive feature film festivals. These festivals have awards and no specific themes. Type B is competitive specialised feature film festivals, and movies that are usually played in such festivals have specific themes. Type C is non-competitive feature film festivals. There is no competition unit for this type of film festival. It is mainly used for the screening and trading of feature films. The last category D is the documentary and short film festivals, which focuses on documentaries, short films, and cartoons. It can be seen that each film festival is very professional, and the entries that can be shown at the festival are also high-quality movie works.

Learning film festivals is not only theoretical knowledge for me, but also, I have the opportunity to get in touch with many excellent films. This experience gives me a new understanding of movies and a new definition of excellent movies. I am looking forward to the next course and the preparation of the film festival.


de, VM, Kredell, B, & Loist, S (eds) 2016, Film Festivals : History, Theory, Method, Practice, Routledge, London. Available from: ProQuest Ebook Central. [25 August 2018].

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